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B-17 Flying Fortress in real life

The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress was a four-engine heavy bomber aircraft developed in the 1930s for the then-United States Army Air Corps (USAAC). From its introduction in 1938, the B-17 Flying Fortress evolved through numerous design advances.The B-17 was primarily employed by the United States Army Air Forces in the daylight precision strategic bombing campaign of World War II against German industrial and military targets. The B-17 also participated to a lesser extent in the War in the Pacific where it conducted raids against Japanese shipping and airfields.

Battlefield 1942[]

The B17 is an American/ British Bomber in Battlefield 1942. It has extremely low maneuverability and speed.

The bomber has a total of three crew positions:

  • The pilot: The pilot of the B-17. Can drop up to 8 unguided bombs at once.
  • Belly gunner: Operates a dual M1919 MG turret under the aircraft to defend against enemy aircraft.
  • Top gunner: Operates a dual M1919 MG turret on top of the aircraft to defend against enemy aircraft.


Battlefield 2042[]

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The B-17 appears in Battlefield 2042. It is available for use in the Battlefield Portal platform as part of the Battlefield 1942 vehicle set. It is the Allied equivalent of the Ju-87 Stuka.


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