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B-1B over the pacific ocean

A B-1 Lancer in real life.

The Rockwell B-1B Lancer is a swept-wing strategic bomber aircraft operated by the United States Air Force and is built by Boeing Defense, Space & Security, the military division of Boeing. The B-1B Lancer has been in service since October 1986 and has seen use in Operation Desert Fox in 1998, the NATO intervention in Kosovo of 1999, and in both the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq since 2003. The B-1B fills the role of a long-range supersonic strategic bomber and it is the only variable swept-wing aircraft still in service with the USAF.

Battlefield 3[]

The B-1B Lancer is a vehicle featured in Battlefield 3 and appears in the mission Thunder Run. Two fly over a large area covered in smoke and drop heavy ordinance on a target as the 1st Tank Battalion moves over a dune, and one flies over the player at the end of the mission. This vehicle is not used by the player in either the campaign or multiplayer.

Battlefield 4[]

Main article: Bomber

The B-1 Lancer is a vehicle featured in the Battlefield 4: China Rising and Battlefield 4: Final Stand expansions as the Bomber. To utilize the vehicle, players must use an Air Raid Bunker which is located at specific control that must be held in order to use.[1]

The B-1 Lancer has access to JDAM Bombs, which will head for a designated point set by the player, as well as guidable Cruise Missiles if the player has completed the Mother of all Bombs assignment, which cause much more damage in exchange for a smaller supply of them.

Its PLA/RGF counterpart is the Xian H-6.



Battlefield 4[]

  • As both the Lancer and the Xian count as the same vehicle, they both only use the image the Xian for the in-game killcard as well as on Battlelog.

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