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793px-North American Aviation's B-25 medium bomber, Inglewood, Calif

A B-25 Mitchell in real life.

The B-25 Mitchell was an American twin-engined bomber designed in 1940 by North American Aviation. It entered service in the United States Army Air Forces in 1941, and saw service throughout the war.

Battlefield 1943Edit

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The B-25 Mitchell is a vehicle featured in Battlefield 1943 and is the USMC Bomber. When a player on the USMC faction enters the Air Raid Bunker, a squadron of three B-25 Mitchells is sent. They have poor maneuverability and are quite slow, making them vulnerable to enemy fighters and 40mm Bofors, but have quite a bit of armor. An average player will not be capable of taking them all out.

The G4M Betty is the IJN counterpart of the B-25.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2Edit

B-25 Mitchell bombers can also be seen in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 in the singleplayer mission Operation Aurora, overflying the island during the nighttime air raid at the start of the mission.

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