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The M1918 BAR (English: Model 1918 Browning Automatic Rifle) was an American automatic rifle designed by John Browning in 1917. It was first used in the final stages of World War I by the United States Military. By the time of World War II, many variants were imported to other Allied factions. It fired the .30-06 Springfield cartridge from a 20-round magazine at a rate of fire of 350-600 rounds depending on the variant with a range of around 100–1350 meters.

Battlefield 1942[]

The BAR 1918 is an Assault Rifle in Battlefield 1942 issued to the United States Army, United States Marine Corps, British Army and Free French Forces Assault kit; previously the Red Army Assault kit was issued the BAR 1918 pre-patch 1.45v before being replaced by the DP.

With a high power round capable of 3-5 shot kill to the torso and two shot kill to the head; but have high recoil and in some cases Damage dropoff to contend to. They perform better at longer ranges and in the crouch and prone position compared to SMGs rate of fire and spread increase can not perform as well at that range. While longer ranges they may fall to Standard Issue Rifles or Sniper Rifles, they can still perform adequate enough to challenge them.

The BAR 1918 has a 480 RPM (second lowest of the Assault Rifles and overall average) and a 20-round magazine with six magazines totaling 120 rounds in reserve theoretically. The BAR possess the highest damage of its class at 9 damage which can kill most damaged opponents as long as they are below 28.8 HP in two shots. Like most other Assault Rifles, the BAR 1918 does not suffer from damage dropoff. Its has the lowest magazine capacity and below average reload time at four seconds.

When compared to the StG 44: The StG 44's higher rate of fire by 60 RPM and same bullet to kill gives the StG 44 a slight edge at close range assuming both targets are at max health. The StG 44 reload is .2 seconds quicker than the BAR but is barely worth noting. Recoil and spread wise: both are identical in almost every aspect except concerning prone deviation in which the BAR has .5 deviation with the StG having a .6, making the StG slightly less accurate when proning.


Battlefield Vietnam[]

The Bar 1918 is a weapon featured in Battlefield Vietnam in the official WWII Mod as an option to the United States Marine Corps' Assault kit. It has a different model and animations from the Battlefield 1942, but uses the same sounds and is essentially the same weapon.


Battlefield 1[]

Two versions of the BAR 1918 are featured in Battlefield 1: the BAR M1918 which has three variants, and the BAR M1918A2.

BAR M1918[]

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"The BAR is a light and effective machine rifle with a smaller magazine compared to other LMGs. It saw action in the fall of 1918."

— In-game description

The BAR M1918 is a LMG featured in Battlefield 1 for the Support kit.

The BAR excels in close-to-medium-range engagements, offering a more aggressive approach than other LMGs. Its smaller magazine may reduce its effectiveness as a point defense weapon, but this is offset by its high damage, fast rate of fire, and good hip-fire accuracy. Even at longer ranges, the BAR remains a formidable choice, thanks to its high muzzle velocity, low damage falloff, and great accuracy while standing.

With its combination of power and versatility, the BAR is an excellent choice for Support players. It caters to those who prefer a more aggressive playstyle, allowing them to get up close or attack positions with hit-and-run tactics. At the same time, it provides the options and capability for more distant engagements, allowing players to adapt to various situations.

Three variants of the BAR are featured in multiplayer for the Support kit: Trench, Storm, and Telescopic, each with its unique advantages and playstyles.


The BAR M1918 Trench is the first available variant, unlockable at Rank 2. It offers 33% better hip-fire accuracy compared to the other variants and is an excellent choice where engagements between 0 to 12 meters are exceedingly common. The improved hip-fire capabilities will allow this variant to be used reactionarily and take advantage of the BAR's exceptional damage output in close quarters.


The BAR M1918 Storm offers better stability by reducing the recoil of the BAR by 20%. This variant takes the BARs low horizontal recoil and reduces it further, allowing the weapon to punch out at longer ranges. This results in a versatile weapon that is effective at most relevant ranges.


The BAR M1918 Telescopic has a bipod and a telescopic scope for long-range engagements. These attachments, combined with the BAR's excellent muzzle velocity and improved ADS accuracy while standing, will allow this variant to perform remarkably well at further ranges.


Weapon Skins[]

BAR M1918A2[]

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"Shortly before WWII, the US Army updated the BAR to the M1918A2. One of the more significant changes made was the replacement of the select fire switch with a rate of fire selector allowing automatic fire only at either a fast or slow cyclic rate."

— In-game description

The BAR M1918A2 was introduced on May 23, 2018. The weapon is unlocked for use after pre-ordering the online standard or deluxe editions of Battlefield V on any platform. As its name suggests, the firearm is based upon the BAR model fielded in World War II, evidenced by the smaller, scalloped handguard and integrated bipod.

Statistically, the weapon functions as a Low Weight variant of the standard BAR M1918. As with other Low Weight firearms, the M1918A2 recovers both spread and recoil faster than the M1918 variants and comes equipped with a bipod.

Unlike the base game BAR, the M1918A2 replaces its select-fire switch with a rate-of-fire selector, allowing both a slow and fast rate of fire. The weapon will fire at 360 RPM by default, while toggling the rate of fire selector will bring its fire rate up to 600 RPM, matching that of the M1918 variants.

The recoil pattern significantly differs from the standard BAR, with exceptionally high vertical and almost nonexistent horizontal recoil. This makes engagements beyond close to medium range difficult when using the high RPM mode. Because of this, switching to the slower RPM mode or deploying the bipod is advised at further ranges.

The BAR M1918A2 has no visual customization options besides choosing between iron and AA sights. None of the BAR M1918 skins can be applied to it.


Battlefield V[]

"An updated version of an automatic rifle that was developed during the Great War. The new version made reloading easier and could be used with a bipod."

— In-game description

The BAR M1918A2 is a weapon featured in Battlefield V that was introduced in Tides of War, War in the Pacific. The weapon could be unlocked upon completion of week seven challenges. It also may now be purchased for 1,700Company Coins Logo BFV.

The BAR is a notably versatile weapon, possessing a unique trait amongst Light Machine Guns in its fire selector that allows the user the choice between a higher or lower rate of fully-automatic fire. In its default mode, the BAR fires at 720 RPM, giving it the highest rate of fire of all LMGs and a correspondingly low Time-To-Kill in close quarters. Accuracy during fully automatic fire is however unpredictable in this mode due to the weapon's high vertical recoil and unusually strong horizontal recoil. Sustained fire is also not possible due to the small magazine size of 20 rounds, tied with the FG-42, LS/26 and Chauchat for lowest capacity in its category, as the high fire rate can empty magazine very quickly and leave users vulnerable to attack.

Ammo conservation, as well as controllability at medium range, can be more easily managed by switching to the lower RoF mode, which slows rate of fire to 550 RPM. Although both modes share the same recoil characteristics and 4-7 hit killing potential of the generic LMG damage model, the lower rate gives more time for recoil to settle between shots, thus leading to greater damage consistency when engaging distant targets. If users regularly switch between modes depending on the situation, this unique utility essentially allows the BAR to behave as two weapons in one - an aggressive CQB LMG comparable to the FG-42 in High RoF mode, and a highly controllable long-range LMG comparable to the Bren Gun and Madsen MG in Low RoF.

Its Specialization tree allows one to improve its close range or ranged capabilities. Its Tier 1 specializations feature Quick Reload or Quick Aim, the former useful given the frequency of reloads when using the High RoF mode. At Rank 2, Enhanced Grips improves hip fire accuracy while Ported Barrel reduces horizontal recoil to 0.280. Rank 3 provides further, general hip fire stability with Polished Action and Custom Stock, with the last specialization choice being between ADS speed and stationary accuracy.


Battlefield 2042[]

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"This automatic rifle served the US Army, British Army, US Marine Corps and numerous other allies. It had a twenty round magazine of .30-.06."

— In-game description

The BAR 1918 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 2042, available exclusively in the Battlefield Portal.


Battlefield 1[]

  • The HUD icon for the BAR M1918A2 has more detail to it than the icons for the BAR M1918 variants.


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