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The M1918 BAR (English: Model 1918 Browning Automatic Rifle) was an American automatic rifle designed by John Browning in 1917. It was first used in the final stages of World War I by the United States Military. By the time of World War II, many variants were imported to other Allied factions. It fired the .30-06 Springfield cartridge from a 20-round magazine at a rate of fire of 350-600 rounds depending on the variant with a range of around 100–1350 meters.

Battlefield 1942Edit

The BAR 1918 is an Assault Rifle in Battlefield 1942 issued to the British Army, United States Army, USMC and Free French Forces Assault kit; previously the Red Army Assault kit was issued the BAR 1918 pre-patch 1.45v before being replaced by the DP.

With a high power round capable of 3-5 shot kill to the torso and two shot kill to the head; but have high recoil and in some cases Damage dropoff to contend to. They perform better at longer ranges and in the crouch and prone position compared to SMGs rate of fire and spread increase cant perform as well at that range. While longer ranges they may fall to Standard Issue Rifles or Sniper Rifles, they can still perform adequate enough to challenge them.

The BAR 1918 has a 480 RPM (second lowest of the Assault Rifles and overall average) and a 20-round magazine with six magazines totaling 120 rounds in reserve theoretically. The BAR possess the highest damage of its class at 9 damage which can kill most damaged opponents as long as they are below 28.8 HP in two shots. Like most other Assault Rifles, the BAR 1918 does not suffer from damage dropoff. Its has the lowest magazine capacity and below average reload time at four seconds.

When compared to the StG-44: The StG-44's higher rate of fire by 60 RPM and same bullet to kill gives the StG a slight edge at close range assuming both targets are at max health. The StG-44 reload is .2 seconds quicker than the BAR but is barely worth noting. Recoil and spread wise: both are identical in almost every aspect except concerning prone deviation in which the BAR has .5 deviation with the StG having a .6, making the StG slightly less accurate when proning.


Battlefield VietnamEdit

World War II ModEdit

The BAR 1918 is a weapon featured in Battlefield Vietnam in the official WWII Mod as an option to the United States Marine Corps' Assault kit. It has a different model and animations from the Battlefield 1942, but uses the same sounds and is essentially the same weapon.


Battlefield 1Edit

BAR M1918Edit

This item has a Codex entry: BAR M1918
"The BAR is a light and effective machine rifle with a smaller magazine compared to other LMGs. It saw action in the fall of 1918."

— In-game description

The BAR M1918 is a weapon featured in Battlefield 1 for the Support kit.

Three variants are featured in multiplayer for the Support kit: Trench, Storm, and Telescopic.


The BAR M1918 Trench is the first available variant for unlocking. Like the rest of the Trench variants, this one has increased hipfire accuracy.


The BAR M1918 Storm offers overall reduced recoil for better control over mid to long firefights.


The BAR M1918 Telescopic has a bipod and a telescopic scope for long range engagements.

The weapon is best suited for close to medium range engagements with a slightly more aggressive approach than other LMGs due to its smaller magazine which reduces its effectiveness as a point defense weapon; this is offset by its high damage, fast rate of fire and good hipfire accuracy. It can still be effective at longer ranges due to its high velocity, low damage falloff and the ability to switch to semi-automatic fire.

Weapon SkinsEdit

BAR M1918A2Edit

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"Shortly before WWII, the US Army updated the BAR to the M1918A2. One of the more significant changes made was the replacement of the select fire switch with a rate of fire selector allowing automatic fire only at either a fast or slow cyclic rate."

— In-game description

The BAR M1918A2 was introduced on May 23, 2018. The weapon is unlocked for use after pre-ordering the online standard or deluxe editions of Battlefield V on any platform.

Battlefield VEdit

"An updated version of an automatic rifle that was developed during the Great War. The new version made reloading easier and could be used with a bipod."

— In-game description

The BAR M1918A2 is a weapon featured in Battlefield V that was introduced in Tides of War chapter 5, War In The Pacific. The weapon is unlocked upon completion of week seven challenges. It also may now be purchased for 1700 Company coin onwards.

The BAR is a notably versatile weapon, Possessing a unique trait amongst Light Machine Guns in which it features a fire selector that allows the user the choice between a Fast or Slow rate of fully-automatic fire. Through its unique fire selector, Control may be dramatically eased with the slow auto fire rate, Competing which other ranged machine guns in the class. It also assists with managing its rather small 20 round mag, Which is the smallest in the class, Tied with the Fg42 and the LS26. As a quick over expendure can leave one dry and vulnerable to an attack.

Its damage model is shared between both modes and is a 4 hit kill within 10 Metres. With it becoming a 5 hit kill until 30 metres. It will then quickly decline to a 6 hit kill until 50m. Which beyond that will become a 7 hit kill.

Its Specialization tree allows one to improve its close range or ranged capabilities. Its tier 1 specialisations feature fast reload or quick aim, With it then splitting to either its hip fire upgrades, Which improves general hip fire accuracy and stability, with the other path improving aimed moving accuracy and horizontal recoil control. The last tier 4 specialisations gives one the option to improve aim down sight movement speed or further improve stationary accuracy


Battlefield 1Edit

  • The HUD icon for the BAR M1918A2 has more detail to it than the icons for the BAR M1918 variants.


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