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The BK-1990 in real life.

The BK-1990, or known by its designation as the Type 92 in the People's Liberation Army, is an amphibious Chinese self-propelled assault gun. It is the combination of an extended and heavily modified WZ551 chassis and a BK-1970 122mm cannon and is manufactured by Norinco. Being classified as a self-propelled artillery gun, the BK-1990 acts much more akin to a modern-day tank destroyer than an artillery piece, due to its lower-caliber main gun. The vehicle is also armed with a secondary Type 85 HMG in a ring mount above the turret, allowing a gunner to provide infantry support in battle.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat[]

In Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, the BK-1990 is used as a self-propelled artillery gun in both singleplayer and multiplayer. In singleplayer, it is only featured in the BK-1990 mobile Artillery challenge where the player must race against the clock about the Qyzylorda region seen in campaign.

In multiplayer, the BK-1990 is only seen in the Conquest map, Missile Crisis. It is located at the main Chinese Base and will only spawn there under PLA control. The vehicle is unique in that its main cannon cannot rotate a full 360 degrees, but it is able to make short work of enemy Leopard 2A5 tanks, as well as any light vehicles. It acts much like a hybrid between a light tank and a main battle tank as it has four seats that can be occupied, but it also has a heavy tank cannon.

Against infantry, the BK-1990 performs poorly as it cannot shoot directly behind itself, meaning the driver either needs reliable top and side gunners or mobilized infantry for anti-personnel support, and it can easily be destroyed by two well-placed rockets or a single anti-tank mine.

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BK-1990 from the PS2 version of BF2 Modern Combat.