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Ural 375D truck

The Ural-375 in real life.

The Ural-375 is a 4½ ton general purpose 6x6 truck that is used by the Soviet Union. Built at the Ural Automotive plant, it became the standard transport truck of the Red Army in 1979 and was used to great success as a mounting platform for the BM-21 rocket launcher later on.

The Ural-375D variant was the most produced variant. It has a payload capacity of 4,500kg (9,920lbs) and can tow a trailer that brings its maximum capacity up to 10,000kg (22,050lbs). The truck also has a range of 750km (465 miles) on a single tank of gas. It was used by many Eastern Bloc countries, as well as being sold to other communist states like China and North Vietnam.

Battlefield VietnamEdit

The BM-21 Transport is a cargo truck used by the Viet Cong in Battlefield Vietnam. The vehicle itself is unarmed, but passengers can use their firearms.

The BM-21 Transport is best used as a transport vehicle to move allies around to control points to capture them much quicker. It can also, to an extent, be used with Heavy Assault soldiers in the back using their rocket launchers to attack enemy vehicles. However, this tactic can only be used for so long as the vehicle has very weak armor and can be destroyed by a single rocket or main battle tank shell.

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