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"Similar to its EU counterpart, the UD-12 Shepherd, the BTR-20 Yastreb armored air transport is a slow-moving, easily visible target best limited to personnel pick-up and delivery. In contrast to the Shepherd, the PAC Type 20 substitutes Self-Limiting Explosive Reactive Armor (SLERA) for the UD-12’s electrically charged scheme and complements the arrangement with an alternative Triplex synthetic material. Like the EU air transport aerodyne, the Yastreb is also vulnerable to attack with only two personnel-scaled assault weapons at the passengers’ disposal."

— Prima Official Game Guide

The BTR-20 Yastreb (Russian: БТР-20 Ястреб, or "Hawk") is a Russian-built VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Landing) aircraft used by the Pan-Asian Coalition in the 22nd Century. It is encountered in Battlefield 2142, being a usable aircraft.

The BTR-20 is a durable yet slow transport vehicle. It features a "fool proof" flight system that allows the vehicle to level its flight path and slowly travel forward if the pilot lets go of the controls.

It seats seven people, but only the pilot is fully protected; both the passengers controlling the cannons and the ones sitting on the sides are exposed to small arms fire and, more importantly, splash damage.



  • Two Plasma caseless auto-cannons


  • Triplex synthetic material



  • One Pilot
  • Two Gunners/Passengers
  • Four Seated Passengers


  • Four Multi-Source Jets

Other equipment