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The BTR-4 is a future variant of the 21st Century BTR-60 seen in the modern day. This Russian APC is used by the Pan-Asian Coalition to assault enemy positions with relative safety. BTR-4s were first used extensively at the beginning of The Cold War at The Battle for Minsk and saw action on almost every battlefield afterwards. Romanovs were less common during the EU counterattack into Europe, however, suggesting that the vast majority of them had been lost in the PAC's relentless assault on Europe and Africa.

Battlefield 2142[]

"Almost identical to the AMV-2 Groundhog, the BTR-4 Romanov provides a highly secure means for infantry to penetrate hotly-contested battle zones. Utilizing a ready-launch assault pod system in some variants, the Romanov is very effective as a Titan assault vehicle, propelling infantry directly into close-range strike positions. The driver's side is fitted with a gas-actuated, medium caliber automatic gun, as well as a vehicle-disabling EMP grenade launcher. The gunner mans a medium-range, auto mortar."

— Prima Official Strategy Guide

The BTR-4 Romanov (Russian: БТР-4 Романов) is a Russian-built Armored Personnel Carrier used by the Pan-Asian Coalition in the 22nd Century. It is one of the IFVs featured in Battlefield 2142.

The driver operates a fast-firing LMG turret with an EMP grenade launcher that can immobilize other vehicles. The gunner remotely operates a mortar system that fires three shells with an effective range of 250 meters.

All passengers can use slower-firing LMG turrets. Passengers also have access to assault pod launchers that can be used for quick escape, for boarding Titans or other high points, and as a makeshift anti-aircraft weapon. When near a Titan (or the loading platforms in Port Bavaria), the pod launch system pressurizes to full strength, with an indicator available to the driver. Otherwise, the pods only permit limited ascent.

The Romanov has an overall armor level comparable to a main battle tank, but does not take additional damage to any side of the vehicle. As with many armored ground vehicles in the Battlefield series, anti-vehicle weapons that impact face-on inflict more damage than glancing hits.