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A BTR-90 in reality.

The BTR-90 is a Russian 8×8 wheeled armored personnel carrier, designed in 1993 and produced in limited numbers, it is a larger version of the BTR-80 vehicle, fitted with a BMP-2 turret. Like other BTR-type vehicles, it's a lightly armored infantry fighting vehicle most often employed in the transport and support of infantry, similar in role to the MOWAG Piranha series of vehicles and its many derivatives, which includes vehicles like the LAV-25. The BTR-90 is equipped with an array of weapons, including an autocannon, coaxial machinegun, grenade launcher, and anti-tank guided missile. Although it was designed in the mid-1990s, the system did not see full-scale production until a decade later, and has seen only small-scale, limited production runs since 2004.

Battlefield 2

The BTR-90 appears in Battlefield 2 as the main Armored Personal Carrier (APC) used by the Middle Eastern Coalition, the Spetsnaz, Rebels, and Insurgents. Its counterparts are the Chinese WZ551 and the American LAV-25. There are a few differences, however. One is the number of rear-facing machine gun ports. The BTR-90 has no rear-facing machine gun ports, as opposed to the LAV-25's two and the WZ551's one. Instead, its guns are all located on the sides. The BTR's cannon is the fastest firing of the three APCs, making easier to attack infantry and helicopters.



Battlefield Play4Free

The BTR-90 was an Armored Vehicle in Battlefield Play4Free. Its American counterpart was the LAV-25. Its main weapon was a 2A42 30mm Chain Gun which did 60 damage; the alternate weapon is a 9M133 Kornet unlockable via Training. It also has four passenger seats armed with light machine guns.

Battlefield 3

"Russian, wheeled, armored personnel carrier. Bigger and better equipped than its predecessor, the BTR-90 can withstand the impact of 14.5mm projectiles. "

— Battlelog Description

In Battlefield 3, the BTR-90 is one of the four new vehicles that come with the Back to Karkand expansion pack. According to the description, the BTR-90 can withstand the impact of 14.5mm projectiles as well as small arms, grenades, and smoke-screens. It is issued to the Russians as their IFV. BTR-90 is amphibious like other IFVs. The second passenger uses the KORD machine gun on top, other passengers may fire light machine guns with unlimited ammo through the firing ports and still be completely protected. Unlike the BMP-2, it cannot turn while stationary since it is wheeled rather than tracked, though it also has better acceleration and handling than the BMP-2

It plays the counterpart role to the LAV-25, with very similar handling, as well as a number of other cosmetic similarities.


It spawns on Gulf of Oman only in normal Conquest, not Conquest Assault, and on console it spawns only at the Russian home base and D point, and not at any other location; furthermore, it does not appear on Strike at Karkand or Sharqi Peninsula at all.

Vehicle Unlocks

Battlefield 4

The BTR-90 is featured in Battlefield 4.

It is the Infantry Fighting Vehicle for the Russian team. Like other IFVs, it is amphibious and can travel through water. The driver can fire HE shells by default, or can equip APFSDS-T Shells or Canister Shells instead. All shells from the main cannon are loaded in twelve-round salvos.

For the driver's secondary weapon, the Coaxial LMG is unlocked by default, and can be used against infantry and light vehicles. Alternatively, for anti-armor purposes, the TOW Missile or Zuni Rockets can be equipped. Zoom Optics are unlocked by default, but may be replaced with IRNV Optics or Thermal Optics. A Countermeasure and Upgrade are also available.

The gunner is always armed with a machine gun turret, and can equip one specialization. This may be Gunner SOFLAM to laser-paint targets, Belt Feeder to improve the MG's reload time, Proximity Scan to scan for enemies around the vehicle, or Gunner Incendiary to damage enemy infantry in vicinity. In addition, optics may be chosen.

Other passengers may fire light machine guns with unlimited ammo through the firing ports and still be completely protected.



Battlefield 2

  • The BTR's main difference is the MEC flag on the side; it does not have the star and crescent.

Battlefield 3

  • The BTR-90 is affected by a bug that can cause the IFV to drive at 130 KPH, which is usually caused by it bouncing off a sand dune.

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