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"Your catch of the day claims he got [the cocaine] from Tyson Latchford, with whom Detective Dao has had several run-ins. I want you two to bring him in for a little chat."

Captain Dawes

Back to School is the first episode of the single-player campaign of Battlefield Hardline.[1] Nicholas Mendoza, now a detective, gets acquainted with his new partner Khai Minh Dao, as they search for Tyson Latchford, the manufacturer of the hotshot seized in the Prologue..[2] The level partially serves as a tutorial on the singleplayer-specific mechanics in Hardline, introducing the player to their Tactical Gear, the Scanner, Distraction, Freeze, and Case Files.


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"You're convinced that you're just one of the
good guys, aren't you? There's no such thing, son."
This section contains spoilers for Battlefield Hardline.

Some time after the Prologue, Nick is partnered with veteran Detective Khai Minh Dao by Captain Dawes, who keeps Sergeant Stoddard on special detail. The Captain states that Tyson Latchford's stamp was on the Hot Shot seized by Nick & Stoddard, and orders them to bring Tyson in for questioning.

Khai and Nick drive through a run-down neighbourhood, and discuss their backgrounds and the drug war plaguing Miami .

Exiting their vehicle, so they won’t alert locals in the area, Khai and Nick eventually find Brix, an associate of Latchford. Nick is taught how to apprehend a criminal, as Brix questions Khai.

Nick is ordered by Khai to handcuff Brix, after which he tells them that "Tap" is by the chair tonight. Khai leaves him lying on the ground still handcuffed, as she tells a worried Mendoza that Brix previously tried to kill an undercover officer, and says "fuck him".

After Nick is taught how to distract, handcuff, and how to freeze criminals, the detectives threaten to arrest Tap for drug possession. To avoid this, Tap agrees to wear a wire, and to lead them to Tyson's hideout in an abandoned elementary school. At the school, Tap asks Tyson for more drugs, and Tyson eventually agrees.However, at this point the school is stormed by Lawrence Kent and his henchman, who kill Tyson's associates.

Khai and Mendoza defeat the criminals, and find out that Tyson was never physically in the building, but on a web-cam on a computer. They run an IP tracer on the laptop to find out where he was speaking from, and head there in the police interceptor. There, they find Tyson , who says he has no idea who is after him. Suddenly, criminals storm the house to kill Tyson . Khai is shot by a criminal, and Mendoza and Latchford cover Khai and fight off the hoardes of attackers until the SWAT Team arrives. A SWAT officer asks the detective if he knows Tyson, and Nick replies that he does spreadsheets.[3]


Lawrence Kent[]

Lawrence Kent is the only suspect with a warrant in the level. He arrives in the first car that enters the school courtyard as the right-rear passenger, and can be easily spotted with the Scanner when the cars arrive. He'll eventually position himself alone in front of a doorway on the first floor of the school, and the player will reach this area as they continue through the level. Like other warrants, Kent can be located by the handcuff symbol over his head after he has been scanned. The player simply needs to remain undetected as they clear the school, and when the player encounters Kent at the doorway, they can either use the T62 CEW to take him down or use Freeze and arrest him.

Case Files[]

The Hot Shot File[]

Completing The Hot Shot File is a mandatory part of the episode, and serves an introduction to the Case File system. All three pieces of evidence for the file are found on the second floor of the school; two in the room with the Tactical Gear case and one in the room next to it. The first piece of evidence is a document folder on the desk in the room, the second is a document on the counter on the right side of the room next to the printer. The third and final piece of evidence is a trace on a table in the next room.

Related Achievements and Trophies[]

The following achievements/trophies can be completed on this mission.

Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type Information
Pressure Applied Pressure Applied Complete Episode 1: Back to School 20 Bronze Trophy
Motley Crew Motley Crew Tag all Criminals visible from the rooftop in Back to School 25 Bronze Trophy This achievement requires tagging all 17 Criminals at the school while following Tap with the Scanner. They are located as follows:
  • Two are standing at the entrance
  • Three are inside the school on the first floor
  • One is upstairs on the right
  • Three are upstairs near the windows on left of the school
  • Eight are inside the vehicles that arrive at the school
Keep Digging, Detective Keep Digging, Detective Complete any case file in single-player 20 Bronze Trophy Awarded with the completion of The Hot Shot File during the episode: obligatory requirement to complete the level
By the Book By the Book Do a Non-Lethal Takedown on 10 Criminals in Single-player 20 Bronze Trophy Can be completed during the level depending on how many enemies the player takes down Non-Lethally.


  • While walking through the neighborhood, two local residents playing chest can be heard making references to The Cousins from the Breaking Bad television series.
  • There is a film billboard for a (fictitious) western film named The Devil You Know directed by Isaac Clarke, the protagonist of Visceral's Dead Space series.
    • Similar billboards exist on the multiplayer map Downtown
  • Although most of the songs playing in the level also appear on the multiplayer Radio , several do not. They are:
    • "Fly for Nothing" by Mucho DeNiro
    • "Runway Walk" by Demrick
    • "Gangsta en Español" by Kat Dahlia[4]
    • "Get Yo Bang On" by Spank
  • Dialogue has erroneously been reused from either the Prologue or Case Closed: if Nick is shot at, one line he may yell over the radio is for reinforcements to be sent to the "hotel". Although the aforementioned episodes take place partially in hotels, this episode does not: Nick is actually in an abandoned elementary school.
  • The multiplayer map The Beat is partially inspired by this level.
  • The basketball game on the TV in the school somewhat resembles a Sacramento Kings visiting the Golden State Warriors game.



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