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WW2 Backpack IRL

A Backpack is a sack or bag carried on the back and secured by shoulder straps. It allows the user to carry heavier loads than hand-based containers while also keeping their hands free, and are in widespread use with hikers and students, as well as military personnel.

Backpacks are commonly seen as part of player models throughout the Battlefield series, however the majority of games do not attach any kind of gameplay mechanic or system to backpacks or other webgear.

Battlefield VEdit

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The Backpack is a gadget featured in Battlefield V, available exclusively in the Firestorm gamemode. The backpack is used to expand the player's inventory capacity by granting additional equipment and gadget slots based on level. There are three levels of backpack; a level 1 or Small Backpack increases capacity by two slots; level 2 or Medium Backpack gives four extra slots; and a level 3 Large Backpack provides six extra slots.

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