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The Balanced Stock is one of the four stocks available for assault rifles, submachine guns and light machine guns in Battlefield Play4Free. Once purchased, it will be available for use on all other weapons the soldier owns.

It is the second stock for sale in Battlefield Play4Free, and is unlocked at level 11 for discounted purchase. It increases hip accuracy for a soldier's primary weapon, making it invaluable for weapons with poor hip-fire accuracy, such as the Medic's light machine gun, especially as it gives the most increase of 0.40 in base hip accuracy out of the three weapon types it is available to. However, it also increases the effectiveness at submachine guns at CQC with a 0.25 increase.

The Balanced Stock costs 600 Credits per day to use. 39 for a single-day use, 129 for seven days, and 999 for unlimited use with Play4Free Funds . If a player wishes to use the stock before it is unlocked at level 10, they can purchase it for 1999 Play4Free Funds.