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Bandar Desert (Persian: صحرا بندر) is a map featured in the Battlefield 3: Armored Kill expansion. Bandar Desert is located near Bandar Abbas, a seaport in southern Iran, as it is surrounded by a desert. It is the second largest map in Battlefield history, behind Halvøy.


This map is set in a small bay with a modestly sized desert in the center. There is plenty of residential development close to shore, while an artillery base stands inland across from the desert. The region is surrounded by rock outcroppings, bisected by a large highway running north/south.


Flag of the United States United States Marine Corps
Main battle tank(s)

M1 Abrams

Tank destroyer(s)

M1128 Mobile Gun System

Self-propelled artillery


Anti-aircraft vehicle(s)



AH-6J Littlebird(Conquest Large)
AH-1Z Viper

Fixed-wing aircraft

F/A-18E Super Hornet

Flag of Russia Russian Ground Forces
Main battle tank(s)


Tank destroyer(s)

2S25 Sprut

Self-propelled artillery


Anti-aircraft vehicle(s)

9K22 Tunguska-M


Z-11W(Conquest Large)
Mi-28 Havoc

Fixed-wing aircraft

Su-35BM Flanker-E

Fixed-wing aircraft


Flag layouts[]

Village South[]

A divided roadway runs through the first three flags, linking the residential district together. This upscale section has swimming pools and extensive landscaping.

Village Center[]

A bridge across the freeway to the west links this area with Gas Station. The abandoned vehicles on the bridge provide cover against light arms. Ramps lead down to the highways at the edge of the village.

Construction Site[]

Two construction cranes stand in this area, with two-, three- and four-story buildings partially built. One of the cranes has a cargo container hoisted above ground, which may provide its own fun just from parachute attempts.

Gas Station[]

Across the highway from Village Center, with several low buildings. A rubble ramp allows infantry on the highway to climb back up to bridge level.

Mountain Village[]

On large maps, a smaller residential area close to the Russian Deployment.

Mountain Outpost[]

On large maps, a small military area close to the US Deployment.

Artillery Base[]

Bandar Desert Artillery Base

Artillery Base

The artillery base (E) is a fortified military installation on the western edge of the map. Located only a short distance east of the highly contentious army base (G), it is likely to see heavy traffic throughout the battle. This sprawling facility is surrounded by a perimeter fence and contains multiple structures capable of serving as overwatch positions for defenders. Four official gates offer access to the facility, but the weak perimeter fence can be breached at virtually any point by vehicles or infantry. The flag is near the center of the base, by a large white fuel tank—consider blowing up this tank before getting too close to avoid it potentially blowing up later.

Army Base[]

Bandar Desert Army Base

Army Base

The army base (G) is without a doubt the hottest spot on the map and often the site of the most intense fighting. In addition to supplying the controlling team with access to a powerful gunship, this control point produces a scout helicopter, a tank destroyer, and a couple of quad bikes.


Flag of the United States United States Marine Corps
Light vehicle(s)

Quad Bike

Armored personnel carrier(s)


Tank destroyer(s)


Fixed-wing aircraft

A-10 Thunderbolt

Naval vessel(s)



Centurion C-RAM

Flag of Russia Russian Ground Forces
Tank destroyer(s)


Fixed-wing aircraft

Su-25TM Frogfoot


9M133 Kornet

In Rush, American attackers make a beach assault on Russian artillery assets. The Americans ashore have access to an AMTRAC, two M1128s, and varying numbers of quad bikes. Their carrier has a Thunderbolt, a C-RAM, and at least one RHIB, and a gunship patrols overhead. The Russians have a Frogfoot at their airstrip well beyond the mountains, up to two Sprut-SDs at a vehicle deployment, and Kornet emplacements should they lose their first base.

Stage 1[]

The Americans start from an Essex-class carrier, and two LCACs stationed on a small island in the bay's shallows. The Russians deploy from Gas Station with only a single Sprut-SD for ground attack.

M-COM A is located in one of the houses between Village Center and Construction Site, while B is inside a burned-out bus at the intersection of the crossway and the main street.

Stage 2[]

The Americans advance to Village Center, while the Russians fall back to the ridgeline near the desert and the Artillery Base beyond it. The Russians gain one Kornet emplacement.

The M-COMs are located in Gas Station. A is near the gas pumps, presenting an opportunity for explosive defense. B is by the cargo containers to the northwest.

Stage 3[]

While the Americans occupy Gas Station, the Russians retreat to Army Base and defend Artillery Base.

M-COM A is in a hardened portable on the west side, while B is in a non-hardened portable on the east side of the base.

Stage 4[]

The Russians have been pushed back to Army Base, but gain a second Kornet for defense. They must defend M-COM A, located on ground level in the smaller construction, and M-COM B on the second floor of the larger construction.

Tank Superiority[]

The control point is set in the middle of the desert, between Gas Station and Artillery Base. Combatants here are very exposed on the dunes.

Teams spawn from Mountain Outpost and Mountain Village.

Team Deathmatch[]

The battle takes place on the Construction Site between the highway and shoreline, including the large crane.


  • The map was revealed on an article on BATTLEFIELDO, a former Battlefield fansite.
  • Bandar Desert was the largest map in the Battlefield Series at the time of its release, being around five square kilometers large, approximately two and a half times the size of the large map Caspian Border.
  • The Amphibious Assault Ship used in Rush as the US spawn point is not physically present on any conquest version of the map.
    • In conquest small matches, near the US spawn the shadow of the carrier can be seen on the water, even if nothing is there. This is a leftover from the map designing process. As the carrier was moved to where it sits now.
  • Oddly, the "Village South" flag is on the north end of the village.
  • In the game files this map is named XP3_Desert.