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"Modified armored jeep with grenade launcher and HMG"

— Battlelog Description

The Barsuk (Russian: Барсук) (English: Badger) is a vehicle appearing in the Battlefield 3: Aftermath. It is a heavily modified GAZ-3937 Vodnik. The Barsuk, like the American Phoenix, is fitted with a QLZ-87 Grenade Launcher and a manned, open top KORD machine gun.

The Barsuk is used as a support Vehicle like in base game, but has expanded weaponry such as a fully auto grenade launcher (QLZ-87) that works just like the AAV-7A1 AMTRAC secondary grenade launcher and its standard KORD 12.7mm machine gun from base game. The downside however is that unlike the base game where the gunner is well-protected, gunners manning either weapon are completely exposed and can be shot out of their seat like previous Battlefield games.

The main difference between the Phoenix and the Barsuk is the seating locations. The grenade launcher is in the front of the Barsuk, while it is in the back on the Phoenix. This means that the Barsuk's grenade launcher does not have as big of a range to protect the vehicle itself as the Phoenix does, leading to some issues if the vehicle is flanked. The Barsuk's machine gun has much more view than the Phoenix's, as it is set higher than the grenade launcher.