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"Complete the short Basic Training to prepare yourself for the Battlefield V Multiplayer experience."

— In-game description

Basic Training

Basic Training is a singleplayer gamemode in Battlefield V. Taking place on Arras on a scripted version of Conquest, the player is paired with a friendly squad and pitted against AI-controlled enemies while they are instructed on the various functions of soldier classes, squads and objectives. The mode is narrated by DICE Creative Director Lars Gustavsson.


In a series of scripted sequences, the player is guided through the basics of combat as an Assault class. On the orders of the AI-controlled Squad Leader, the player is tasked with capturing and then defending an objective. They then advance to the next objective, but are blocked by an enemy tank, which must be destroyed using the Panzerfaust. Upon seizing objective B, the enemy team begins to drain of tickets but suddenly counterattacks with a large force of infantry and tanks. The tide is turned when friendly Spitfires arrive and bomb the enemy tanks, winning the round for the British team.

During this time, the player also receives instruction on the four main classes, how to influence the round by capturing flags and how to resupply from Supply Stations. The player has a much larger amount of health than in usual multiplayer, but if they die they are also taught on how to deploy from captured flags.


  • While making its pass in the scripted airstrike sequence, the Spitfire flies too low, crashes into a building and explodes. This appears to be an error, as it is seen as still flying in the ending cutscene that immediately precedes it.