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"Operates the vehicle and keeps it repaired"

— in-game description

Battle Mechanic is a kit featured in Incursions gamemode of Battlefield 1 in the Vehicle Operator categories. They have access to vehicles in game.[1]


  • Role: Vehicle Operator
  • Description: Operate one of three powerful vehicles and keep them in good working condition with your wrench. Heal up your teammates when your vehicle is destroyed.
  • Range: Close — Medium — Long
  • Skills: Vehicle, Repair, Healing


Specialization (Passive)

  • Wrench Monkey: Increased vehicle repair speed and wrench damage.

Specialization (Rank 1)

  • Just a Dent: Driver will passively repair vehicle at a slow rate while out of combat.

Specialization (Rank 2)

  • Sustained Fire: Vehicle reload speed is increased.


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