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2142 T39 transparent

T-39 Bogatyr

Battle Walkers are a fictional classification of ground assault vehicles introduced in Battlefield 2142. Battle Walkers have a bipedal design, using two legs to navigate the battlefield and incorporating an armored main chassis equipped with heavy weapons to engage enemy infantry and vehicles alike.


Battlefield 2142[]

Battlefield 2142-screenshot 15

An L5 Riesig during the Battle of Minsk

In the timeline of Battlefield 2142, Battle Walkers were first developed by the Pan-Asian Coalition in response to the changing global landscape necessitating a more versatile assault platform.[1] The T-1 Battle Walker was the first design produced and later became the basis for the European Union's L5 Riesig.[1] By 2139 [2] the most recent development of Battle Walker was the PAC's T-39 Bogatyr, which was shielded with high-impact armor and used an Active Defense System.[3] Both the L5 and Bogatyr would see significant action during the The Cold War.

Battlefield 4[]

BF4 walkerassembly

"ШАГОХОД" assembly area on Giants of Karelia

Unusable Battle Walkers appear in the Battlefield 4: Final Stand expansion on the map Giants of Karelia. Blueprints found on the map simply label the prototype vehicle "ШАГОХОД" (English:"WALKER"). The incomplete Walkers have a very similar design to their 2142 counterparts, crewed by two members with a remote sensor array at the front of the main chassis. The assembled chassis are armed with a BGM-71 TOW launcher on its left side and dual 2A38M 30mm automatic cannons from the 9K22 Tunguska on its right, though the final design concepts seen around the facility depict the Walker with 2A38Ms on both sides. Various discarded components can be found locked away in caves marked as hazardous inside the facility.

Story wise, Battle Walkers are one of the prototype technologies being developed by the Pan-Asian Coalition in Battlefield 4's timeline, with the facility in Karelia dedicated to their production. Like the Titan located at Hangar 21, the Walkers are not functional by the time of the facility's discovery by the United States Marine Corps.


Battle Walkers V eubattlewalker04 L5 Riesig
V pabattlewalker04 T-39 Bogatyr

The Battle Walkers of Battlefield 2142 fill a similar role to the Infantry Fighting Vehicles of other Battlefield games, with an armament effective against infantry and ground vehicles, but also act as the Mobile Anti-Air of 2142 using their autocannons and homing missiles. Two Battle Walkers appear in 2142: the EU's L5 Riesig and the PAC's T-39 Bogatyr. Both have an identical armament and controls and only differ cosmetically: The L5 has an overall smaller frame but its weak points are more exposed while the T39 is bulkier but its weak points are slightly harder to hit.

Walkers can have a crew of up to two players: a driver who controls the vehicle and has access to autocannons and unguided missiles, and a gunner who controls the turret on top of the vehicle armed with an explosive machinegun and Anti-Aircraft EMP missiles. Both positions can rotate 360 degrees horizontally, but the driver can only aim about 15 degrees upward and 45 degrees downward. The gunner can aim almost completely upwards but cannot aim downwards beyond the side of the chassis. Like other heavy vehicles, hitting the Countermeasure key will activate the Active Defense System, which will nullify all incoming missiles and shells for five seconds. Upon use, the ADS requires fifteen seconds to recharge. Like all vehicles with ammunition pools, Battle Walkers can be resupplied by Support players and Commander Supply Drops.

The Walkers control similarly to the A-8 Tiger, being able to move forwards and backwards and rotate the vehicle heading with the movement keys, while the mouse rotates the main chassis and adjusts the cannon elevation. The gunner can adjust the aim of their turret using the mouse. Despite being bipedal, the Walkers cannot strafe like infantry or the Type 32 Nekomata. Walkers are capable of Sprinting for an unlimited duration for extra speed at the cost of the maneuverability, and can Crouch when stationary by pressing the Prone key. Crouching lowers the height of the vehicle slightly and also provides greater protection to the weak spots on the vehicle's legs, but is unable to move in this stance.

The main chassis is the most heavily armored part of vehicle, taking only 20 damage from Anti-Tank launchers from all angles. The legs are less armored, taking about 35 damage from hits against areas with armor plates, while hitting the exposed knee joints will do 45 damage. Both Walkers are weakest directly underneath the main chassis, where unarmored ventilation grates are present (one for the L5 and two for T39). These grates can be attacked with any infantry weapon to damage the vehicle, and hitting the grates with an AT missile or the Pilum H-AVR will instantly destroy the vehicle.

Battle Walkers work best when used aggressively, using their extreme firepower to overwhelm enemies. The autocannons and explosive machinegun are highly accurate, making short work of unarmored infantry and Fast Attack Vehicles. The height of the walker allows it to fire on infantry hiding in cover, and crouching at a chokepoint can create a deadly roadblock. The driver's missiles do high damage to Tanks and APCs, but they are very inaccurate beyond 30 meters and overheat after four shots if fired rapidly. The gunner's EMP missiles can be dumb fired at ground vehicles and will immobilize any vehicle with two hits, but these missiles are also extremely inaccurate outside of close range. The gunner position's greatest strength is in fighting Gunships and Air Transports, as the EMP missiles can lock onto aircraft and the explosive machinegun can do significant damage with proper target leading.


BF4 Miniwalker2

The easter egg mini Walker

L5 Riesig audio played by the mini walker

  • The final concept of the prototype walkers closely resembles the L5 Riesig's chassis design but with legs that resemble the Bogatyr, possibly referencing the L5 being based off the T-1 Walker in 2142's story.
  • On Giants of Karelia, a miniature version of the unfinished walkers can be found near the Cave (G flag in Conquest Large) as an easter egg. The walker can be interacted with and will play sounds as if it is a wind-up toy. However, audio from 2142 of the L5 Riesig's footsteps, weapon sounds, low health sirens, and an eventual explosion also have a chance to play when the mini-walker is interacted with.


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