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The Battle of Midway was a Pacific-theater battle of World War II, fought in 1942 and widely regarded as one of the most important naval battles of the Pacific campaign and in history. The battle is featured in the game Battlefield 1942.


"American and Japanese fleets are once again preparing for a minor showdown in the Pacific - this time near Midway Island. Within striking distance at either Hawaii or Japan, Midway is of obvious strategic importance. Fortunately for the US, American naval command has learned secret information regarding the Japanese attack plan. While Japan conducts diversionary attacks, the US knows that the bulk of the Japanese force is heading toward US-controlled Midway. It's now a tense waiting game as the US fleet patrols the region, hoping to spot the Japanese force before it spots them. The winner at Midway will have a clear advantage in the war in the Pacific."

— Map Briefing


The map is centred around the two islands of the Midway atoll, linked by a small bridge. Two fleets are assembled, the allies to the North East and axis to the South West. The islands consist of an airfield outpost and another outpost with a Defgun. In multiplayer, two more flags are located at sea, North and South of the atoll.


Japan Flag Imperial Japanese Navy
Light vehicle(s)

Type 95 Kurogane


Type 1 Ho-Ha

Medium tank(s)

Type 97 Chi-Ha

Fixed-wing aircraft

Mitsubishi A6M Zero
Aichi D3A Val


Daihatsu-class landing craft


Shokaku-class aircraft carrier
Akizuki-class destroyer


Flak 38

Flag of the United States United States Marine Corps
Light vehicle(s)

Willys MB


M3 Half-track

Medium tank(s)

M4 Sherman

Fixed-wing aircraft

Vought F4U Corsair
SBD Dauntless




Yorktown-class aircraft carrier
Fletcher-class destroyer


40mm Bofors





Each team begins the battle with a fleet of ships. In singleplayer, this comprises an aircraft carrier and a destroyer each. However, in multiplayer, each fleet is bigger, consisting of a carrier (either a Yorktown class - USS Enterprise - for the allies or a Shokaku class for the axis), a battleship (HMS Prince of Wales for the allies or IJN Yamato for the axis), two destroyers and a submarine.

Each of the carriers, battleships and destroyers spawn landing craft, LCVPs for the Americans and Daihatsus for the Japanese. The carriers also house AA guns and spawn planes, a fighter and a dive bomber each. These are, for the US, the F4U Corsair and SBD Dauntless, and for the Japanese, the A6M Zero and the Aichi D3A Val, respectively.


This is a large airfield, located on the largest of the islands, to the North and East of the atoll. This spawns two torpedo bombers aircraft for whoever holds it, as well as a jeep and a half-track. The base also has four AA guns and a defgun. The airfield contains several buildings, including a hospital with medical supplies and an aircraft hangar with vehicle repair facilities.

Coastal DefencesEdit

Another outpost is located on the smaller island to the South West of the atoll, linked to the larger island by a small bridge. This spawns a tank and an APC, as well as a Defgun.

Ocean pointsEdit

In the multiplayer map there are also two ocean flags, Point Luck and Point Charlie, respectively located due north and south of the central island. These can be captured by ships or even planes. They can't spawn infantry or vehicles, but do contribute to tickets.


"The US fleet chalked up a decisive victory at Midway. Many are declaring this the most significant naval battle of the war so far. Thanks to key intelligence information, US naval commanders stayed one step ahead of the Japanese fleet throughout the battle. Having lost their most modern carriers, Japan is most surely on the run after this defeat."

— American Victory

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