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The Battle of the Bulge was the name given to a major German counter-attack launched against US forces in Belgium. 'Bulge' refers to the German penetration of the US lines during the battle. It is featured as a map for Battlefield 1942 and the Battlefield Portal included with Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 1942[]


"In the Ardennes, the German Army has commenced a massive counterattack against a thin spot in the Allied front. Just when Allied leader envisioned an end to Germany's ability to conduct such an operation, German forces unleashed a sudden, all-out attack with everything they had. Surprising everyone, the attack has already resulted in heavy damages. Not only were the Allies surprised by the number of men unleashed in this attack, but they were also caught off guard by the number of armored units. With war-weary veterans and an ever-increasing amount of teenaged soldiers, German forces have been fighting desperately to stop the Allied advance across the Siegfried Line and into Germany."

— Map Briefing


This is a large map, based around the town of St Vith. At the start of the game, the US forces are in possession of 5 capturable points, while the Germans only have a single uncapturable base. The German forces must attack the US positions and capture as many as possible. In addition, there are bunkers and an ammunition depot to the west.

At the beginning of the round, the Germans start off with 1 heavy tank, multiple light tanks, and an artillery piece, but suffer ticket loss. The US, while having the advantage in tickets, is only equipped with a small number of tanks, most of which are far from the front lines. It comes down to a question of whether or not the superior German armor can make up for the disadvantage in tickets.


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United States Army
Light vehicle(s)
Medium tank(s)
Tank destroyer(s)
Self-propelled artillery
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Medium tank(s)
Heavy tank(s)
Self-propelled artillery


American Fuel Supply Depot[]

The American base is on the opposite end of the map from the German HQ. Under American control, it spawns two Shermans, two M3A1s, and an Priest. Under German control, it spawns two Panzer IVs, two Hanomags, and a Wespe. Discounting commando attacks, this is most likely the last point the Germans will capture due to its distance from their main base.

American Outpost (1)[]

The outpost across the bridge from St. Vith serves as a spawn point. It features a bunker and spawns nothing other than an M2 Browning or MG42.

St. Vith[]

This is a destroyed town across the river with ruins to provide cover for ambushes and surprise attacks. There is an intact church which lies near to the flag. The flag itself is in the middle of a fortified post with machine guns, barbed wire and sandbags covering the defenders. Despite its usefulness and strategic importance, it doesn't spawn any vehicles.

American Outpost (2)[]

An outpost just north of St. Vith composed of a small bunker, a small canopy, and the ruins of a building. It spawns a M10 Wolverine under American control or a Tiger under German control.


The nearest American flag to the German base. It can be seen from the German base. It features a windmill on top of a hill with a few sandbags. Due to its proximity and poor defenses, it's often the first flag to fall. It spawns an Sherman under American control and a Panzer IV under German control.

German Armored Column[]

A large base that spawns four Panzer IVs, a Tiger, and a Wespe. It also cannot be captured by the Americans.


"Berlin's arrogance nearly paid off in this last-ditch effort to halt the Allies at the German front. With Allied command caught completely off guard, German forces waged a brutal assault in the Ardennes. Fortunately, the Allies were able to regroup and hold on just long enough to control the line and stall the German assault."

— American Victory

"Once again, German command demonstrated its tactical superiority. By surprising the enemy in the Ardennes, German troops sent a clear message through their ranks that all is not lost. At the same time, this victory also sent a very clear message to the Allies - don't underestimate the supreme power of the Third Reich."

— German Victory

Battlefield 2042[]

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"The German Army has commenced a massive counterattack against a thin spot in the Allied front. Give it your all in the forests and fields of this vast, vehicle-focused map."

Official Battlefield website

Battle of the Bulge is a map set to be featured in Battlefield 2042's Battlefield Portal. It was first seen in the Battlefield Portal Official Trailer.