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Battlefest is an event that is held for installments of the Battlefield series to celebrate the franchise. Originally introduced to Battlefield 4 on July 12, 2014, it offers awards and prizes to participating players during the event.



Battlefest 2014 took place from July 12, 2014 to August 13, 2014 for Battlefield 4. The event saw the release of the Dragon's Teeth expansion and offered multiple weekends of Double XP. Free camouflage was released to players every week as well as Community Missions.

Two contests were also held during the course of the event, a daily screenshot contest and a video competition. The daily contest asked players to submit an in-game screenshot with a specific theme given by the developer. Winners of this daily contest would then receive an AMD graphics card, $50 gift card to the DICE store, and a Battlefield 4 Premium membership on the platform of their choice. The video competition asked players to submit videos of in-game stunts or "only-in-battlefield" moments. Towards the end of Battlefest, DICE selected the best 12 submissions for fans to then vote on the top three.[1]

  • Free camo unlock every week
  • Daily Battleshots contest: The winner recieved AMD graphics card, $50 gift card for DICE store and Premium membership for Battlefield 4
  • July 12 - July 13
  • July 14 - August 10
    • Battlefest Stunt Video Competition: Challenge players to submit stunt video that can only be done in Battlefield 4 with DICE choose the top 12 videos and community vote in the final. Top 3 recieved AMD PC and other 9 finalists recieved AMD graphics card.[2][3][4]
  • July 15 - July 21
  • July 22 - July 28
  • July 29 - August 4
  • August 5 - August 11

Battlefest Season 2 return for Battlefield 4 and took place between November 6, 2014 to December 9, 2014 with full month of giveaway, 2XP and community missions.[9]


Battlefest 2015 took place from March 26, 2015 to May 11, 2015 for Battlefield Hardline and Battlefield 4. As with the prior year, the event held competitions, Double XP events, etc.[14][15][16]

Battlefest Promo

Battlefest Saeson 4 took place from September 1, 2015 to September 27, 2015 for Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline.[28][29]


BF1 Battlefest Logo

Battlefest 2016 took place from November 16, 2016 to November 27, 2016 for Battlefield 1. The event was themed around team play and offered giveaways, missions, in-game activations, and XP events. Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline also offered missions and XP events.[36]


Battlefest April 2017

Battlefest 2017 took place from March 29, 2017 to April 12, 2017 for Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline to celebrated DICE's 25th Anniversary and held Double XP events, Custom Games, free Battlepacks, etc.[37][38]

BF1 Battlefest Logo 2

A second event, known as Battlefest: Revolution, took place from September 19 to September 30, 2017. Battlefest: Revolution allowed players to play the They Shall Not Pass and In the Name of the Tsar expansions for free. The event also held a contest and community missions.[39][40][41]


Battlefest 2019 took place between the 3rd and 31st October, 2019 for Battlefield V. It was meant to act as a bridge between Tides of War chapters Defying The Odds and War in the Pacific. The event saw the release of a new map, weapons, gadget, and a community mission. Weapons and gadgets are unlocked by completing challenges in the same manner as Tides of War chapters.[42]

Unlike other Tides of War chapters, Battlefest has no chapter ranks or rank-associated rewards, and completing weekly challenge nodes rewards Company Coin instead of Chapter XP.

Additionally, to celebrate the release of Operation Underground, DICE also run the video contest between October 4, 2019 to October 18, 2019. 5 winners received Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080TI Founder's Edition.[43]

From October 10, 2019 to October 27, 2019, Battlefield V also offer a free trial every weekend on Origin.[44]

Best Community in the World and EA Play 2019 emblems have been giveaway throughout the event.[45]






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