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"Fear is nothing more than a state of mind."

— Unknown Soldier

The Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam State of The Mind trailer is the second trailer for the Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam expansion pack of Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The trailer showcases an American five man patrol in the jungles of Vietnam.


"They say fear is a state of mind--watch the official TGS trailer for Bad Company 2's latest DLC, Vietnam."


Flag of the United States United States Army

M16A1 XM22 M60

Light vehicle(s)


Main battle tank(s)

M48 Patton




F-4 Phantom

Flag of North Vietnam North Vietnamese Army



Camera flickers showing the American patrol

The song "For What It's Worth" Begins Playing

Huey flies over the Vietnam jungle

American Soldier: Fear is nothing more than a state of mind... I can't remember who said that.

Huey begins landing in open field

5 Soldiers dismount from Huey

American Soldier: I'll tell you everyone's scared here; you can see it in their eyes.

Huey leaves the area

American Soldier: It eats away at you... ages you...

American Soldier: I'm tired... I walk around numb... everyone does... focused on one thing... staying alive

NVA Soldier looks at patrol from behind a tree

Stylized title of Battlefield Bad Company 2 Vietnam appears

US Assault #1 is shot followed by the US Recon being shot in the stomach

US Engineer orders the patrol to go low and kneels pointing to the origin of the gunfire

US Assault #2 turns toward the gunfire firing and the US Medic dives to the ground

US Assault #2 begins firing his M16A1 as the Engineer is shoot in the shoulder

US Medic begins running towards the wounded Engineer while US Assault #3 drags the wounded Recon away from the firefight

The Medic, US Assault #2, and 3 watch as the jungle in front of them is set on fire by a F-4 Phantom Napalm Strike

2 M151s and 1 M48 Patton begins driving towards the remaining soldiers


  • The quote said by the soldier, "Fear is nothing more than a state of mind", is similar to a quote once said by personal-success author Napoleon Hill. The exact quote goes, "Fears are nothing more than a state of mind."