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The Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Battlefield Moments 2 Trailer is the second of the three Battlefield Moments trailers for Battlefield: Bad Company 2, it showcases an American assault on the town on the map Arica Harbor.


"Delivering best-in class vehicle warfare and unprecedented levels of destruction Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will deliver an all-out war experience unlike any other. In the second episode of the Battlefield Moments series see Destruction 2.0 in full effect as a sniper fights his way through the war-torn streets of Arica Harbor in order to secure a valuable objective for his team."


Flag of the United States United States Army

MP-412 REX
M136 AT4
XM8 Compact
M93R Burst



Light vehicle(s)


Main battle tank(s)

M1A2 Abrams

Flag of Russia Russian Ground Forces


Main battle tank(s)



The trailer starts off with the player on the M2 Browning in an HMMWV as part of a convoy pushing for the second set of M-COMs. Once they are close, the player starts firing until he bails out before the HMMWV he was in explodes.

US Army Radio Operator: Alright look out! I think we got some infantry headed our way!

The player kills an enemy with his MP-412 REX, then switches to his SV-98 to kill an enemy. The first shot misses the target, but the second shot kills the enemy with a headshot. Next, the player spots a T-90.

US Recon (The Player): We got a tank here. Just get some AT guys up here now.

US Engineer: Changing clip, cover me!

The player kills another enemy on the rooftop with a headshot, then heads for M-COM Bravo. The US Engineer is able to arm the charge on the M-COM thanks to the player for covering him. Before the player leaves, he plants three stacks of C4 in the house. As three enemies get in, the player detonates the C4, killing all three enemies and collapsing the house, destroying the M-COM station.

End of Trailer.


  • Unlike the first Battlefield Moments trailer, the second Moments trailer uses the HUD from the final build of the game (albeit the minimap having a slightly different appearance), instead of the modified Battlefield: Bad Company HUD.
  • The trailer shows M-COM Station Alpha inside a building, but in the actual game, it is located in a garage
  • The C4 animation (when the player places it) is different from the final game.
  • The first Battlefield Moments trailer advertises the game to come out on March 2, 2010. In this trailer, it advertises the release date as March 4, 2010. This is the release date for Australian players on the Xbox 360, while the first date is for North American players on all platforms.