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The Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Campaign Reveal Trailer was the first offical Battlefield: Bad Company 2 trailer that showed the campaign of the game.


"What starts out as another routine recon mission for B-Company soon takes a deadlier direction when they discover evidence of a new Russian super-weapon. With U.S. and Russian forces mobilizing their mission escalates into a frantic race against time to stave off a new World War."






Snowy Mountains starts playing

Bravo-2 are shown advancing with caution

Screen switches to Preston opening a box containing a component to the Russian superweapon

Preston Marlowe: A simple support mission they said.

General Braidwood: It's a fake what you found.

General Braidwood closes the box

Terrence Sweetwater: Fake Sir?

Braidwood: Dummy, we think it's a dry run.

Squad is shown looking at the satellite wreckage

Marlowe sits down and sighs

Marlowe: Nothing's ever that simple though.

A Mi-24 Hind files by

The squad is shown walking through a minefield

Braidwood: They're building a weapon.

Three Russian soldiers and a GAZ-3937 Vodnik are shown advancing

Braidwood: What we know about it so far scares the shit out of us.

Redford presents a USB flash drive to Agent Aguire

The squad and Aguire are seen looking at a laptop showing pictures of Sierra Foxtrot 1079

Braidwood: What we don't know, scares us a lot fucking more.

Marlowe grabs Sierra Foxtrot 1079

The squad is seen sitting down, visibly upset

The satellite crashes into a village

Screen turns black before the satellite hits the village

Music stops

Millionaire starts playing

Braidwood: We need you to do what you do best.

George Haggard passes his XM8 to Preston.

Braidwood: Be unorthodox.

Haggard headbutts Arkady Kirilenko

Braidwood: Be lethal.

Preston slits a Russian soldier's throat

Music stops.

Braidwood: Can you do that for me?

Redford: We can do that, sir.

Music resumes

The EA logo appears, the DICE logo appears shortly after

Russian troops rappel from 2 Mi-24 Hinds

Squad drives through Sangre del Toro in a CAV Buggy

Squad is seen riding on a M1A2 Abrams

2 Mi-24 Hinds fly past the squad

Squad is shown advancing with caution

A Russian soldier is shown dragging Aguire with a MP-443 to his head to a Mi-24 Hind

Preston is shown fighting a member of the Latin American Militia.

Kirilenko walks towards a captured American

Preston takes the black box of the downed satelite

Ghost Rider fires the guns of his UH-60 Black Hawk, a Milita member is then shown geting shot and dies

Latin American Militia fires a RPG-7, a UH-60 Black Hawk dodges it.

Preston in first person view fires a XM312 mounted on a HMMWV

A M1A2 Abrams fires it's main gun

Aguire kills a Russian soldier atempting to shoot Sweetwater

A Russian rushes towards Preston with a knife

Preston kills a Russian soldier

Preston reloads a M95, then shoots a Russian

Preston runs in a town with Redford, Russian soldiers are seen burning alive ahead

Preston jumps out of a UH-60 Black Hawk while trying to retrieve SF1079

Screen switches to first person view and a destroyed An-225 is seen free falling to the ground with Kirilenko and Sweetwater nearby

Squad is shown driving Quad Bikes

F/A-18s fly by

Sweetwater melees a Russian with his M60

Screen switches to first person view of a M1A2 Abrams, which then fires

UAV-1's designated target is hit by a missile

Preston fires his XM8 at a Mi-28 Havoc

Burning Russian soldier dies

Music stops

Battlefield Bad Company 2 logo appears on the screen

Redford: This is gonna get real ugly.

Gun cocking sound is heard

Music resumes

Squad is seen looking at a massive battle between American and Russian forces, with AH-64 Apaches flying by overhead

End of trailer


  • In one of the phrases in the trailer said by General Braidwood, he says 'fuck' If you listen to exactly the same phrase in the actual game, he nevers says that word.
  • Between 0:59 and 1:01, Preston is shown with different sleeve colors contrasting the winter landscape.
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