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The Battlefield: Bad Company 2 First Look Trailer was the teaser trailer for Battlefield: Bad Company 2, the trailer showcases American and Russian forces killing and getting killed in a repeative cycle that begins with a Russian soldier that is smoking getting knifed by a American, who is then shot by a Russian sniper using a SV-98, following by that sniper getting run over by a CAV Buggy, which is promptly blown up by a T-90, which is shortly after destroyed by a AH-64 Apache, that is shot down by Russian soldier with a RPG-7, who is revealed to be the smoking soldier in the beginning of the trailer. After which, the trailer ends.


"The circle of death continues for the next chapter of the successful Battlefield: Bad Company series with the first trailer for the upcoming Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The core tenant of the Battlefield franchise, vehicle warfare, rings true in this latest video from the DICE team."


  • The CAV Buggy which runs over the Russian sniper is driven by Russian soldiers, which is then also destroyed by a Russian T-90.
  • Save for proning, smoking and Russian and American Assault character models, everything in the trailer is featured in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.
  • The logo used or the title of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was similar to the logo used for the title of Battlefield: Bad Company, but it wasn't used in the final game.
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