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Battlefield Bad Company 2 Original Soundtrack Cover

Cover Art for Battlefield: Bad Company 2's Soundtrack

The Storm Main Theme tune

The Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Original Score was released on February 2, 2010 and contained eleven tracks used in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 composed by Mikael Karlsson.

The soundtrack brings back certain themes from the Battlefield: Bad Company Soundtrack, most prominently A Prelude to a Lost Cause, which has been become the main theme of the soundtrack and renamed to The Storm. While many of the tracks take inspiration from it, none of them resemble the classic Battlefield Theme featured in other titles.


# Track Title Duration
1 The Storm (Main Theme) 4:30
2 The Secret Revealed 4:02
3 Cold War 0:50
4 Snowy Mountains 3:04
5 The Ancient Weapon 3:50
6 Operation Aurora 1:14
7 Snowblind 0:43
8 The Storm (Edit) 1:01
9 The Secret Revealed (Edit) 1:01
10 Snowy Mountains (Edit) 1:00
11 The Ancient Weapon (Edit) 0:59


  • During the campaign mission Snowblind, the song Raid the Charts by Diogo Do Santos can be heard playing from radios around the map.