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Battlefield Bad Company Original Soundtrack Cover

The album artwork for the game's soundtrack.

Battlefield Bad Company OST - Battlefield Theme

Battlefield Bad Company OST - Battlefield Theme

Chamber Battlefield Theme

The Battlefield: Bad Company Original Soundtrack was released on March 11, 2008 and contained ten tracks used in Battlefield: Bad Company, all composed by Mikael Karlsson. Of note about the soundtrack is that all themes have at least two versions, an Orchestral and Chamber version, with the Leggionaires Theme also featuring Piano and Cello versions.

Although it is used as the main menu theme, The Beast by Milt Buckner is not featured on the soundtrack.


# Track Title Duration
1 Battlefield Theme (Orchestral Version) 1:56
2 Battlefield Theme (Chamber Version) 1:23
3 Prelude To A Lost Cause (Orchestral Version) 2:19
4 Prelude To A Lost Cause (Chamber Version) 1:46
5 War Theme (Orchestral Version) 2:02
6 War Theme (Chamber Version) 1:55
7 Leggionaires Theme (Orchestral Version) 1:12
8 Leggionaires Theme (Piano Version) 1:41
9 Leggionaires Theme (Chamber Version) 1:14
10 Leggionaires Theme (Cello Solo Version) 2:48
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