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Preston's Blog is the last of four video blog trailers of the four members of Bravo 1-Charlie : Haggard, Redford, Sweetwater and Preston.


"Watch the final video blog from the newest member of B-Company; Preston Marlowe. Get a deeper look at why he's being transferred to the new group!"


VIDEO#: 810424 RECIPIENT#: 12002

NAME: Marlowe, Preston

RANK: Private

SERIAL#: 000BFH008ME008

UNIT: B-Company


Preston: Can I start? Ok. Hey! Little brother! It's me, Preston, bet you didn't even recognize me with the uniform and everything. Just like Dad, right?

UH-60 Black Hawk starts up in the background.

Preston: Hey don't tell Mom about this but, I actually sort of messed up a bit. It was this thing with a chopper and well I don't want to go into it. Anyway I'm off the hook, so there's not going to be any disciplinary action or anything like that. Only thing is, I'm being transferred to B-Company.

UH-60 Black Hawk takes off.

Preston: Don't know much about it, they call it 'Bad Company', but hey. That could mean lots of different things, so I'm pretty sure I'll be fine. They're taking me there next week and I'll probably get to see some action right away.

A M939 truck drives by.

Preston: Looking forward to meeting my new squad, you know, doing my duty. So er hey, tell Mom not to worry okay? Cause I'm going to play it by the book and stay out of trouble, this time.

2 American soldiers walk by.

Preston: Anyway there's a 100,000 of us over there, so I'm going to take it easy. Keep a low profile, not like I'm gonna go on some stupid adventure. You know, looking for gold treasure or anything. No man, I'm not going to play the hero, not gonna take on the Russian Army on my own.

Preston: The Army's a great big machine brother, and I'm just this little tiny cog, so, you aren't going to be reading about me in a paper but, hopefully, I'll see you all pretty soon okay? Take care.

End of trailer.


  • Preston's serial number 000BFH008ME008, stands for BattleField Heroes, 2008, Mirror's Edge, 2008.
  • Preston's serial number 000BFH008ME008, includes references to two DICE-developed games launched in 2008 - Battlefield Heroes and Mirror's Edge.
  • But Battlefield Heroes actually came out in 2009, but the trailer came out when the game was originally supposed to come out in 2008 before DICE pushed back the date.
  • Most of the things he said, such as "looking for gold treasure" or "take on the Russian Army on my own", are pretty much ironic as the game's story advances