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The Battlefield: Bad Company Rainbow Sprinkles Trailer was one of the three spoof trailers for Battlefield: Bad Company. The first being Bad World, a spoof of the Gears of War Mad World trailer, Rainbow Sprinkles, a spoof of Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and Snake Eyes, which is a spoof of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.


"Sarge tries to get the team to stack up and breach their objective but the squad isn't sure what to do..."


Redford and Marlowe are seen advancing.

Redford: Okay guys, stack up.

Marlowe taps Redford on the shoulder.

Marlowe: They said not to wait up.

Haggard: So, you reckon, that the rainbow sprinkles, are the way forward with the doughnuts?

Camera turns towards Sweetwater and Haggard, who a walking slowing towards Marlowe and Redford.

Sweetwater: Absolutely! Cause then you get the different textures like soft doughnut...

Redford: Shh! Could you two get your ass over here right now!

Sweetwater: Did you lose something Sarge?

Haggard: Drop something Sarge?

Redford: This is supposed to be a stealth mission!

Sweetwater and Haggard stare blankly at Redford.

Haggard: ...Why?

Redford: Argh! Nevermind you're here now, I need you to breach that door.

Redford uses a field signal.

Sweetwater: Ohh! Ohh! Charades! I know this! It's at the tip of my tongue!

Haggard: Hang on, hang on.

Sweetwater: Is it, is it a musical?

Haggard: No, no, it's got to be's a bug! No no!

Redford: Okay, sign language 101.

Redford lowers his hand.

Redford: This means stay low.

Redford raises his arm.

Redford: This means stack up.

Redford raises his fist to Sweetwater

Redford: And this means I'm going to put your lights out if you don't shut up!

Sweetwater: Stack I'm pretty sure that means one syllable.

Redford: Ah just shut up! Breach. That. Door!

Redford does a series of field signals, including the stack up signal.

Haggard and Sweetwater look at each other and Sweetwater shrugs.

Sweetwater and Haggard: Okay.

Haggard pulls a pin of a grenade and tosses it at the door.

Sweetwater and Haggard start moving out of cover as the grenade explodes.

Sweetwater fires his M249 and Haggard fires his 870MCS as they advance towards the door.


An alert sound can be heard along with gun fire.

Marlowe taps Redford on the back.

Marlowe: Er...should I still be stacking?

Redford turns around and stares at him.

End of trailer.