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Sergeant Redford's Video Blog is the second of four video blog trailers of the four members of Bravo 1-Charlie : Haggard, Redford, Sweetwater and Preston.


"Sergeant Redford has seen plenty of action while in B Company, maybe even too much, and having squad members like Sweetwater and Haggard in his crew doesn't put his tensions to rest. With only a couple weeks left in the Army, Redford is on his last string and will let nothing come in his way of a peaceful retirement...or will he?"


VIDEO#: 810423 RECIPIENT#: 18335

NAME: Redford, Clarence

RANK: Sergeant

SERIAL#: 000BFV004BF2142006

UNIT: B-Company


Redford: Yeah, well I ain't got nothing to say. I'm a soldier, not a god damn movie star, I ain't got nothing to talk about,I just follow my orders and get the job done.

Redford: I just got 2 more weeks to go then I'm outta here. I'm going fishing.

Explosion occurs nearby, cameraman points the camera towards it, then quickly points the camera back at Redford.

Redford: Man, *sighs* the Army sure ain't what it used to be. I applied for transfer to B-Company to get my term cut short not my life. But the things I've seen here the way they treat us, like we're not worth nothing.

Redford: We're to them a disposable asset, that's all we are. How they call us Bad Company, most of the guys here are pretty bad sure. But not bad enough to deserve this.

Redford: Man, when you're under fire, you need to depend on the people you're with, the guy next to you. You know what I'm saying? You need to be able to trust them with your life, the guys I've got on my squad now, Haggard, Sweetwater. Hell, I wouldn't trust them with my car keys.

Redford: Sometimes I think they're more likely to kill each other than to get killed by the enemy. In battle, the soldier next to you is the difference. If you can choose whose fighting by your side choose carefully, like that new guy coming in here now, I didn't choose him.

Redford: Other than that, I ain't got nothing to say.


End of trailer.


  • Redford's name is stated as Redford, Clarence, where as it is Samuel D. Redford in the final game.
  • Redford's serial number, 000BFV004BF2142006, is the launch dates for BattleField Vietnam, 2004 and BattleField 2142, 2006.