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The Battlefield: Bad Company Snake Eyes Trailer was one of the three spoof trailers for Battlefield: Bad Company. The first being Bad World, a spoof of the Gears of War Mad World trailer, Rainbow Sprinkles, a spoof of Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and Snake Eyes, which is a spoof of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. The trailer showcases the squad investigating a moving barrel on Oasis.


"The squad comes across a curious moving barrel on the battlefield..."


Flag of the United States Bravo 1-Charlie, 222nd Army Battalion, United States Army




Unnamed Combatant

Eye patch




A barrel can be seen, a gun cocking sound can also be heard.

The camera goes over to show Sweetwater aiming his M249 at the barrel, with the rest of the squad walking towards him.

Sergeant Samuel D. Redford: What is it now Sweetwater?

Private Terrence Sweetwater: Guys, I'm sure I saw a guy with an eye patch hiding inside that barrel.

Private George Gordon Haggard Jr.: What? Noooo..

Private Preston Marlowe: Why would somebody hide in a barrel?

Redford: Hmm...

An alerted sound can be heard as the barrel suddenly shakes while an exclamation mark appears over it.

Sweetwater stands up and points towards the barrel.

Sweetwater: See! Did you see that?

Haggard: Why would he do that? That is as stupid as hiding in a cardboard box.

Sweetwater: Wh-wh what do we do? I mean, maybe it's some kind of special military barrel, you know? Like some kind of solid...metal...I don't some new Japanese thing!

Haggard gives his 870MCS to Sweetwater and takes Marlowe's M416.

Haggard: Alright, don't you worry your pretty little head, I'll figure this out.

Haggard aims and fires the M203 underslung on the M416 and hits the barrel.

A explosion is heard along with the sound of a person screaming while flying and falling.

The squad looks on as the enemy combatant flies over them.


The squad is now standing around near the remains of the barrel. Haggard is seen wearing a eye patch.

Haggard: Hey guys look! I found an eye patch.

Haggard turns around and accidentally walks into Sweetwater's M249 carrying handle, which hits his eye.

Haggard: Ow! God damn.

Haggard stumbles back.

End of trailer.