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Battlefield 1943 features achievements and trophies that are obtained upon the completion of specific objectives in the installment. Since it is only an Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network Store game, it features 12 achievements and trophies. Unlike other installments with trophies, the game does not features a platinum trophy for the PS3.

Image Name Criteria Achievement points Trophy type
BF1943 Attacker Trophy Attacker Capture Five Flags 10G Bronze Trophy
BF1943 Best Squad Trophy Best Squad Be in the best squad in all three maps 20G Bronze Trophy
BF1943 Tour Of Duty II Trophy Tour of Duty II Play one hundred matches 30G Silver Trophy
BF1943 Defender Trophy Defender Defend five flags 10G Bronze Trophy
BF1943 Master Of Your Domain Trophy Master of your Domain Get one kill playing as each class 20G Silver Trophy
BF1943 Milkrun Trophy Milkrun Fly a plane for ten minutes 20G Bronze Trophy
BF1943 Motorman Trophy Motorman Get one kill with car, tank and plane 20G Bronze Trophy
BF1943 Parachutist Trophy Parachutist Use the parachute once (2 seconds) 10G Bronze Trophy
BF1943 The Pacific Campaign Trophy The Pacific Campaign Win once on every map as any team 10G Gold Trophy
BF1943 Tour of Duty I Trophy Tour of Duty I Play 30 matches 10G Silver Trophy
BF1943 Veteran Trophy Veteran Cap 25 enemy flags 20G Silver Trophy
BF1943 Melee Man Trophy Melee Man Melee kill one enemy player 20G Bronze Trophy