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The Battlefield 1: Official They Shall Not Pass Trailer is a trailer released for Battlefield 1 showcasing the game's first expansion pack, They Shall Not Pass.


The trailer features both gameplay and cinematics from the expansion pack's four maps featuring the French Army, the Frontlines game mode, and the Trench Raider elite kit.


Available March 14 with Battlefield 1 Premium Pass. The hardened veterans of the French Army join the fight in the first Battlefield 1 expansion, They Shall Not Pass. Get two-week early access to four all-new maps on the western front with a Battlefield 1 Premium Pass. Experience two new Operations, the new game mode Frontlines, new weapons, vehicles, and more.


  • At 0:31 in the trailer, the blue sky on the left side of the frame, along with the clouds in the middle and the poppies on the ground over at the right, together symbolize the French flag.
  • The trailer voiceover for the first part of the trailer recites parts of the lyrics from the French national anthem La Marseillaise.
  • The final shot of the trailer depicting a French soldier standing in front of a burning landscape while holding a Chauchat sideways with both of his hands appears to be inspired by the On ne passe pas! propaganda poster created by Maurice Neumont.