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The Battlefield 1 Gameplay Series: Weapons Trailer is the first trailer released in a series of trailers outlining the new gameplay features and changes brought on by Battlefield 1 to the series.


The trailer starts off with footage already shown in previous trailers released for Battlefield 1 before cutting to some never-before-seen gameplay footage of the game. Lars Gustavsson (design director), Martin Kopparhed (era game designer), and Christofer Brandtieng (vehicle/weapon animator), who are developers from DICE, provide commentary about the weaponry featured in Battlefield 1, how different the weapons featured in the game to the series' previous installments (specifically the ones set in the modern day), and how much heavier the emphasis on melee weapons is.

Footage is also shown of 3D renders of some of the weapons along with real-life footage of developers from the sound design team firing weapons whilst in the process of recording the sounds for the game. Weapons the weren't featured in the game's Alpha, such as the MG15 n.A. and the Automatic 5, are also shown.


From shotguns to bayonets and gas grenades, find out about the Weapons of Battlefield 1.

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