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The Battlefield 2042 - Battlefield Briefing - Welcome to Season 01 is a video released for Battlefield 2042 checking in after the release of Zero Hour season content update.

This video features Adam Freeman (Lead Community Manager), Ryan McArthur (Senior Producer), Nika Bender (Producer) and Alexia Christofi (Associate Producer) going on behind the scenes during the process of making new content including Exposure, Ewelina Lis, the stealth helicopters (RAH-68 Huron and YG-99 Hannibal), Ghostmaker R10, BSV-M and a sneak peek for new content coming to Battlefield Portal like A-10 Thunderbolt, SU-25TM Frog Foot, Mil Mi-24 Hind and BMD-3.


Tune in to learn more about Season 01 with Senior Producer Ryan McArthur, Producers Nika Bender & Alexia Christofi, and Lead Community Manager Adam Freeman.

Battlefield 2042 is is a first-person shooter made up of three distinct multiplayer experiences - All-Out Warfare features the next generation of fan-favorite modes Conquest and Breakthrough; Battlefield™ Portal allowing players to discover battles from the past, present and future as well as to create and change the rules of war; while Battlefield™ Hazard Zone brings a tense, squad-focused survival experience. Adapt and overcome on dynamically-changing battlegrounds with the help of your squad and a cutting-edge arsenal, and prepare for unprecedented scale with up to 128 players*.

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*Supported on Xbox Series X|S, PC and PlayStation®5. Xbox One and PlayStation®4 will be locked at 64 players