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The Battlefield 2042 - Official PC Trailer With RTX On is a trailer released for Battlefield 2042 from Nvidia. The game will support Ray-Traced Ambient Occlusion to make shadows display more accurate, Nvidia DLSS which help player getting better performance by using AI from graphics processing unit and Nvidia Reflex to reduces system latency that make the game feels more responsive.[1]


Battlefield 2042™ is RTX On with NVIDIA ray tracing, DLSS and Reflex.

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Battlefield 2042 is available on November 19, 2021 with early access starting November 12, 2021.

Only a GeForce RTX GPU will deliver the definitive Battlefield 2042 PC experience. Accelerate performance with the critically acclaimed NVIDIA DLSS, enhance image quality with ray-traced ambient occlusion, and optimize system latency with NVIDIA Reflex. And through GeForce Experience you can download and install our Battlefield 2042 Game Ready Driver with just a few clicks.

Battlefield 2042 is made up of three distinct multiplayer experiences - All-Out Warfare features the next generation of fan-favorite modes Conquest and Breakthrough; Battlefield Portal allows players to discover battles from the past, present and future as well as to creating and change the rules of war; while Battlefield Hazard Zone brings a tense, squad-focused survival experience. Adapt and overcome on dynamically-changing battlegrounds with the help of your squad and a cutting-edge arsenal, and prepare for unprecedented scale with up to 128 players*.

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