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""A few years into the most desperate struggle in the history of mankind, and with the conflict focused around the Mediterranean, the Pan Asian Coalition (PAC) seizes the chance to claim the undefended natural resources beneath the ice of mainland Europe. By the time the EU is aware of their presence, the enemy is firmly entrenched in the continent’s harsh ice fields, among abandoned city ruins and soaring mountain peaks. Only fierce close-quarters infantry battles along claustrophobic city streets and narrow rocky passes will eject the PAC forces from their well-defended positions and push them back towards the sea.""

— Official website description [1]

Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike is an expansion pack for Battlefield 2142. It was released on March 8th, 2007. Taking place in Central and Northern Europe in 2145, it introduced new maps and vehicles as well as a new gamemode, Assault Lines.

It was later released for free to everyone after Patch 1.51.






Northern Strike has received mixed reviews from game critics. The expansion pack has scores of 77[2] at Metacritic based on 15 reviews and 78.57%[3] at GameRankings based on 14 reviews.


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