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Battlefield 2: Armored Fury is the second booster pack released for Battlefield 2, introducing three new maps, as well as three new vehicle classes. The pack features the USMC defending U.S. soil from invasions from the PLA and MEC. With the 1.5 Patch, the Armored Fury and Euro Force Booster Packs were added to the base game at no extra charge.





Battlefield 2: Armored Fury has received generally favorable reviews from critics.

  • On Metacritic, the expansion pack has a metascore of 75[1] based on 21 reviews.
  • On GameRankings, the expansion pack has a score of 77.71%[2] based on 17 reviews:
  • GameSpot gave it a score of 7.4 out of 10[3], saying that "There's no question that Armored Fury has some interesting new levels to battle around. The bigger question is just how valuable will this booster pack be?".
  • IGN gave it a bit higher score of 8 out of 10[4], saying that "Three new maps, three new jets and three new helicopters isn't a lot of new content. We'd love to have seen a wider variety of maps, some new ground vehicles and maybe even a new kit. Still, the strength of the maps alone is enough to make this booster pack a sure thing for more Battlefield 2 players. The new planes still aren't balanced but this isn't anything that veteran Battlefield 2 players haven't already put up with."
  • Game Revolution gave the lowest score out of all the reviewers, giving it a score of D+[5], saying that "With its uninspired maps, lack of new weapons and missing Special Forces content, Armored Fury would be a little disappointing even if it were free. While the new vehicles do add a modicum of new playability, asking gamers for ten dollars in exchange for so little after they already bought your game is bad manners, even if it is good business."


  • While the cover art depicts a USMC soldier in desert camouflage, in-game only the woodland camouflage is used for all maps of Armored Fury due to the booster pack's setting.