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Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (also known as BF2:MC) is the fourth installment in the Battlefield Series and was developed by DICE and published by EA. As stated by Designer Fredrik Thylander it started life as a co-op shooter set during World War II, developed after the original Battlefield 1942[1]. The modern day setting was advised by EA to resonate more with customers at the time.

Contrary to popular belief it is neither a port nor a spin-off of Battlefield 2 for the PC. For the longest time, including the alpha and public beta phases, the game was simply titled Battlefield: Modern Combat. The "2" was only added shortly before release to create a connection with the critically acclaimed Battlefield 2 on PC, in an attempt to boost sales.

Electronic Arts ended their support for the PlayStation 2 version of the game in September 2009, shutting down its official servers, though the online game was still playable via GameSpy thanks to a server rental service offered by Multiplay[2]. On April 15, 2010, Microsoft closed online support for all original Xbox titles, including Modern Combat. Electronic Arts shutdown the multiplayer services for the Xbox 360 game on August 11, 2011[3]. PlayStation 2 Multiplay servers remained accessible and playable until June 30, 2014 when they were no longer accessible due to the closure of GameSpy. In 2023, the PlayStation 2 online multiplayer was restored and is playable via the BFMCspy community project.


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Battlefield 2: Modern Combat pits the People's Republic of China and NATO in a fictional conflict. In Modern Combat, there are five classes to choose from: Engineer, Special Ops, Assault, Sniper, and Support. In addition, there are numerous vehicles to use on land, in the air (Helicopters only), and on the water (River Patrol Boats)

The game also allows players to switch bodies with other comrades in order to get to or complete an objective relatively quickly.


The conflict starts with the PLA moving into Almaty, Kazakhstan, while NATO forces attempt to remove them from the area. NATO, PLA, and MEC diplomats negotiate in an abandoned school guarded by both NATO and PLA snipers. However, the NATO diplomat is assassinated by an unmarked Mi-24 Hind that both NATO and China believe to be the other side's, spreading the conflict from the Almaty Region to the Mangystau region. What follows is a series of battles between NATO and the PLA as well as the use of air propaganda to make the other side look "evil".

BF2MC Littlebird 1

The Scout Helicopter "Little Bird"

It is then revealed near the end of the campaign that Commander 31, a leader of an organization called The Burning Flag, bent on world domination, was the one to instigate the war and also was the one who sent the Mi-24 Hind to assassinate the NATO peace diplomat. Commander 31 reveals to the world his plans to send three missiles at either the US and Europe, or at China and the Middle East.

The player parachutes into the remote Burning Flag hideout, deactivates two of the missiles and laser target designates the control tower Commander 31 had locked himself into. The player is then hailed as a hero who made NATO's or the PLA's (depending on which side the player chose to take) victory possible.

Weapon Upgrades[]

The player can upgrade their weapons by gaining stars. For example, if the player has a total of 266 stars, the Light Machine Gun used by the Support Kit will get an armor-piercing bullet upgrade.


Challenges include weapon training, hot-swap time trials, and race challenges with in-game vehicles. Challenges are completed by obtaining certain amount of score before time runs out, with a maximum of three stars able to be awarded.

Field Tasks[]

Field Tasks are search and destroy tasks scattered throughout the campaign, all of which are listed in the "Field Tasks" menu. After all of a specific object have been destroyed on a level, stars will be award towards the next rank.


Ranks and Awards[]

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Modern Combat features a ranking system for both the singleplayer and multiplayer aspects of the game. There is a separate total of twenty ranks for each mode, with rank progression obtained by being awarded stars and medals through gameplay. Ribbons are also awarded through gameplay but do not count toward new ranks.


BF2MC Knife

A US Spec Ops soldier holding a knife

Modern Combat contain 5 unique classes, each with their own area of combat. Classes only differ in weapons and gadgets based on the player's faction or team.

  • Assault - Specializes at medium to close range engagements, featuring assault rifles and explosives used for conventional warfare.
  • Sniper - Specializes at long-range engagements, featuring bolt-action rifles as well as a laser designator to target enemy vehicles. It also features smoke grenades and a motion sensor.
  • Special Ops - Specializes at sabotages, featuring light equipment to allow for quicker movements as well as submachine guns for medium to long range engagements. The kit also features stun grenades and C4.
  • Engineer - Specializes at anti-vehicle warfare, featuring rocket launchers and shotguns for close-range engagements. The kit also features Anti-Tank mines as well as the ability to repair friendly vehicles.
  • Support - Specializes at enemy suppression and friendly first aid, featuring Light Machine Guns, a medical injector, and a radio to call mortar strikes.

Maps and Gametypes[]

BF2MC Snowmobile

The Snowmobile found in the map Frost Bite

Modern Combat features a total of sixteen multiplayer maps, all of which are available on the game's two gametypes, Conquest and Capture the Flag.

Weapons and Gadgets[]



The game features four available factions.

Notable Features[]

  • Clan Support - The game allows for clans to be created at BF-HQ. It also enables different clans to engage in clan battles with one another.
  • Team Kill - Any player can be killed by a teammate. Team kills result in the loss of points. Once twenty-four points have been lost, the player is automatically kicked from the match.


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Battlefield 2: Modern Combat has received positive reviews from critics. The game currently holds Metacritic scores of 80[4][5] for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, and 77[6] for the Xbox 360. The game also has scores of 80.44%[7] for PlayStation 2, 80.63%[8] for Xbox and 77.36%[9] for Xbox 360.

  • GameSpot gave the game a score of 7.3 out of 10[10] for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions, and a higher score of 7.5 out of 10[11] for the Xbox 360 version, saying that "What's missing in Modern Combat are the little things that really made the Battlefield series so great in the first place, like getting the look, feel, and sound of the weapons and vehicles just right. Despite those deficiencies, Modern Combat is still probably worth a look, especially if you've never played a Battlefield game (or clone) before."
  • IGN gave the game a score of 8.5 out of 10[12] for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions, and 7.9 out of 10[13] for the Xbox 360 version, saying that "If you own this game already and you want something totally different, skip it. This is really a good port of an already existing game. If you love Battlefield and can't get enough, go for it. And if you're totally new to the genre, get going. This is a hell of a fun game, even if it's not the best Battlefield around."


  • Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is the first Battlefield game to be released exclusively on consoles.
  • In 2005, a PSP version of the game was announced, but it was later cancelled.
  • Battlefield 2: Modern Combat was supposed to be multiplayer only, but DICE decided to add in a single player component as well.
  • Many gamers thought of this as a console version of the smash hit Battlefield 2. In reality, it is more of a spin-off featuring the same factions and most of the weapons, but features its own campaign and multiplayer maps.
  • The music in the game was composed by two people: the campaign portion was composed by Rupert Gregson Williams, while the Multiplayer portion was composed by Tobias Marberger.
  • The official soundtrack of the game only features music from the single player missions.
  • This is the first Battlefield game to not use the Refractor engine, instead using the RenderWare engine.
  • This is the only modern-era Battlefield game to NOT contain any Russian forces.
  • Although Microsoft, Electronic Arts, and GameSpy dropped support of the game, clan stats, and messages can still be broadcasted, making it a beacon for many recent Battlefield games, such as Battlefield 3, because of its unique and easy to use clan communication system.
  • The song "Air Traffic Control" appears in the first E3 trailer for Battlefield 2142.
  • Frost Bite, Full Frontal, and Hidden were made available for the Xbox version via free DLC called the Warsome Booster Pack[14] and came bundled with the Xbox 360 game. The maps were never available for the PlayStation 2 version.



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