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"All-Out War Behind The Scenes"

— Official description

Battlefield 2: Special Forces is the sole expansion pack for Battlefield 2. It is available either as a DVD, 2-CD retail package, or as a download via EA Downloader and Steam. It introduced new factions as well as new maps, vehicles, and weapons to the game.



Devil's Perch

Main article: Devil's Perch
"Located off the coast of Lebanon, the Devil's Perch was once a sanitarium but has since been abandoned. MEC Special Forces have moved in and are using it as an intelligence base to gather information on nearby European countries. Having made this discovery, the U.S. is sending in the Navy SEALs under the cover of night to clear out the MEC threat. The battle will be swift and fierce, but the team that can perform expertly on rugged terrain and use the dark to their advantage will be victorious."

— In-game description

Ghost Town

Main article: Ghost Town
"An entire Russian light mechanized company was recently wiped out while passing through this deserted ghost town on the Caspian Coast, leaving smoking wrecks littering the empty streets. Fearful that sensitive material may be uncovered within the wreckage, Spetsnaz agents have been sent to secure the area. Mindful of the Russian concerns, the British have secretly deployed the SAS to uncover the Russian secrets before the Spetsnaz can arrive."

— In-game description

Iron Gator

Main article: Iron Gator
"MEC Special Forces have launched an attack on the USS Essex Aircraft Carrier. Their intelligence was impeccable, allowing them to coordinate their assault with only a skeleton crew of U.S Navy SEALs onboard. Even so, the SEALs are well equipped and prepared to put up a fierce fight in defense of their ship, affectionately referred as "The Iron Gator". This close quarters fight inside the halls of the carrier will be won by the team working as coordinated squads and practicing superior infantry tactics."

— In-game description


Main article: Leviathan
"American nuclear submarines are lying peacefully in their pens, undergoing repairs at a naval base in the Persian Gulf. Unknown to the elite Navy SEALs guarding the facility, MEC Special Forces are about to begin a night-time raid to destroy the submarines. Should they succeed, the nuclear catastrophe could mark the beginning of the end for US forces in the Middle East."

— In-game description

Mass Destruction

Main article: Mass Destruction
"The Spetsnaz have recently discovered activity around an abandoned factory in southern Russia. Reconnaissance teams have discovered that Rebels have brought the factory back online with the intent to develop chemical weapons. The Rebels must be removed, and any found materials returned to Mother Russia for further investigation!"

— In-game description

Night Flight

Main article: Night Flight
"Insurgents have secretly occupied a decommissioned airport in Syria. After receiving their first shipment of supplies by cargo plane, they are in the process of bringing the airport back online. The British have sent in an SAS team in the dead of night to clear the Insurgent threat before the airstrip is fully operational. Taking advantage of their nighttime training, the SAS approach the Insurgent positions undetected."

— In-game description


Main article: Surge
"Local Rebels have reactivated an abandoned missile launch site in Kazakhstan and plan to launch a missile they have managed to piece together through acquisitions on the black market. The Spetsnaz are moving in to sabotage the launch site and clear out the insurgency."

— In-game description


Main article: Warlord
"An Insurgent Warlord has been commissioning attacks against British forces in the area with tremendous success, using local civilians as a shield against retribution. His reign of terror is about to be challenged. The SAS have been called in to execute a surgical strike on the Warlord's compound and surrounding Insurgent strongholds. Navigating perilous streets and alleys, the SAS must push towards the palace, but the Insurgents have the area well-guarded and won't give it up easily."

— In-game description






  • This is the only of the Battlefield 2 Expansion packs to not feature any Jets, however Jets were originally supposed to appear in Special Forces as seen in the player's commo rose and there is also audio relating to jets for each faction. Additionally,planes do appear in the expansion pack as static objects on a few maps,such as Night Flight which features a cargo plane and Iron Gator which features unusable F-18s from the base game
  • During very early stages, there was supposed to be diving underwater & even underwater levels, as seen in this video. The player would dive for 30 seconds underwater before drowning and there were rumors about underwater and toxic gas/poison weapons. All these features were cut; however, the sound files of underwater & drowning still exists in common/client folders in BF2. The cut weapons were APSSpear Gun and Poison Gas.
  • The vehicles from base Battlefield 2 that are reused in Special Forces, have all markings that reference the base game factions — the USMC and MEC — erased, as it is now more common for multiple factions to share a vehicle. The overall textures do not change.