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Armored Fury Theme Tune

The soundtrack of Battlefield 2 consists of 18 tracks composed and created by Fredrik Englund, David Tallroth, and Jonas Östholm. The soundtrack is very minimal, mostly consisting of faction specific loading and outcome themes.

Battlefield 2's soundtrack was never officially released outside of the game. As such, the following track names refer to their file names and in-game usage, and are not official track names.

Tracklist[edit | edit source]

# Track Title Duration
1 Menu Music 4:53
2 MEC Loading Theme 3:14
3 China Loading Theme 1:58
4 Armored Fury/US Loading Theme 2:15
5 US Victory 0:14
6 US Defeat 0:15
7 MEC Victory 0:12
8 MEC Defeat 0:14
9 China Victory 0:12
10 China Defeat 0:12
11 EU Victory 0:13
12 EU Defeat 0:13
13 SAS Victory 0:13
14 SAS Defeat 0:19
15 Spetsnaz Victory 0:15
16 Spetsnaz Defeat 0:18
17 Rebel Victory 0:10
18 Rebel Defeat 0:20

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The filenames for the defeat themes for the original three factions all misspell lose as loose (e.g., The US defeat theme is named "us_loose".) The EU and Special Forces faction themes use the proper spelling of lose, however.
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