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"Fight for Survival"

— Battlefield 3 Premium trailer

Battlefield 3: Aftermath is the fourth expansion pack available for Battlefield 3. It was revealed in a fact sheet pertaining to Battlefield Premium on May 30, 2012. At E3, the developers announced that it would take place in the aftermath of a magnitude 8.1 earthquake, the epicenter of which took place 170 miles southeast of Tehran, Iran.

Set amongst the shattered districts, streets and cities of post-earthquake Iran, Aftermath depicts a continuing struggle for supremacy and survival amongst the devastation.





Achievements and Trophies

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Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type
BF3 AM Handyman Trophy Icon Handyman Unlocked all XBOW parts 20G Bronze Trophy
BF3 AM Bite Your Finger Trophy Icon Bite Your Finger Crawl through the open pipe at Crossroads on Epicenter and find a toy dinosaur 30G Silver Trophy
BF3 AM Home Made Javelin Trophy Icon Home Made Javelin Destroyed an enemy vehicle using the XBOW 20G Bronze Trophy
BF3 AM Pocket Full Of Death Trophy Icon Pocket Full of Death Without dying, get a kill with XBOW, primary weapon, and hand grenade 30G Silver Trophy
BF3 AM Extreme Hoarder Trophy Icon Extreme Hoarder Picked up 50 weapons in Scavenger mode 20G Bronze Trophy


  • The earthquake was felt across the Iran-Iraq region, the epicenter of which was 350 miles away from Sulaymaniyah, Iraq (Operation Swordbreaker) and 170 miles southeast of Tehran, Iran.
  • Unlike the maps of the base game and other expansions of Battlefield 3, the letters for the maps of Aftermath in the server browser are not in all capital letters. This was due to a patch released after the DLC launched.
  • The cover art for the expansion was originally intended for the End Game expansion.
  • The expansion features new character models to reflect the setting.