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The Battlefield 3: Aftermath Premiere Trailer is the first trailer for Battlefield 3: Aftermath released to the public (not just to Battlefield Premium members). The trailer shows a squad of USMC soldiers exploring one of the new maps in the DLC, then having a firefight against a squad of RGF soldiers. Once the RGF soldiers have been eliminated, a tremor can be heard and felt by the USMC soldiers. Then, it cuts to the end screen showing the cover art and the features of the DLC, but then shows a first-person view of an RGF soldier inserting a bolt onto a crossbow and shooting at the USMC Assault's head, ending the trailer.


This trailer provides a premiere look at our fourth multiplayer expansion pack Battlefield 3: Aftermath, where we throw players into an all-new harrowing environment: The shattered districts, streets and cities of post-earthquake Iran. Players will struggle for supremacy and survival amongst the devastation, with heavily modified vehicles and the all-new crossbow at their disposal.

Battlefield 3: Aftermath features all multiplayer game modes from the base game, plus the all-new Scavenger mode. In Scavenger mode, lost soldiers start equipped with only a knife, one grenade, and sidearm and must search the environment for more powerful weapons to increase their chance at surviving and eventually winning.

Battlefield 3: Aftermath is out starting November 27th for PlayStation 3 Premium members. It is included with Battlefield 3: Premium and available separately at $14.99. Full release dates as follows:

PlayStation 3 Premium members: November 27

Xbox 360 and PC Premium members: December 4

PlayStation 3 players: December 11

Xbox 360 and PC players: December 18


Flag of the United States United States Marine Corps



Ammunition Box

Flag of Russia Russian Ground Forces

PKP Pecheneg

Light vehicle(s)