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"High-speed lethal action"

— Battlefield 3 Premium trailer

Battlefield 3: End Game is the fifth and final expansion pack available for Battlefield 3. End Game promises high speed and frantic gameplay which forces players to use varied tactics when approaching combat.




Achievements and Trophies

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Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type
BF3 EG It's No Sidecar Trophy It's No Sidecar Get a kill from the passenger position on the motorcycle. 30G Silver Trophy
BF3 EG Heavy Lifter Trophy Heavy Lifter Kill an enemy after successfully paradropping an IFV. 20G Bronze Trophy
BF3 EG Capture the Flag Trophy Capture the Flag Capture one flag while playing Capture the Flag. 20G Bronze Trophy
BF3 EG Transport Pilot Trophy Transport Pilot Transport a flag carrier in an air vehicle while playing Capture the Flag. 30G Silver Trophy
BF3 EG AA's Revenge Trophy AA's Revenge Destroy an air vehicle using the AA jeeps. 20G Bronze Trophy


  • The cover for the Aftermath expansion was originally for End Game when it was first revealed.
  • The cover of the expansion depicts an F-15C Eagle. However, it is just a background art, similar to the MH-60S Knight Hawk in the base game's cover art.
  • At one point in the teaser trailer for the expansion pack, a plane icon can be seen near Flag C. This indicates that the Dropship would have to be obtained the same way (in Conquest mode) as the Gunship from Armored Kill, which has one team controlling that flag allowing that team to use the Gunship.
  • End Game introduces mid-flight spawn points for the team's jet fighters. These also allow End Game maps to be more compact, as they require no airstrips.



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