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Assignments are a feature in Battlefield 3 that reward players with additonal content upon completion and were first introduced in the Back to Karkand expansion. The release of downloadable content has resulted in a total of 75 assignments (10 Back to Karkand, Close Quarters and Aftermath, 5 Armored Kill and End Game, and 35 Premium). Assignments do not necessarily require players to play as the implied class to make progress toward that assignment.

Back to Karkand

Tier 1

Image Name Unlocked Criteria Reward Other Information
FAMAS Assignment Best Friend Forever Default B2K
  • Professional Russian
G53 Assignment Fixing It Default B2K
  • G53
  • It Goes Boom!
QBB-95 Assignment Let It Rain Default B2K
QBU-88 Assignment Specops Default B2K
PP-19 Assignment Familiar Territory Default B2K

Tier 2

Image Name Unlocked Criteria Reward Other Information
L85A2 Assignment Professional Russian Complete Best Friend Forever Reference to the Youtube star FPS Russia, and his claim to being qualified to handle big guns and explosives, as he is a "Professional Russian". He also made a video using a L85A2.
QBZ-95B Assignment It Goes Boom! Complete Fixing It
Keep.Your.head.down Keep Your Head Down Complete Let It Rain
L96 Assignment Creeping Death Complete Specops
  • 50 Headshots
  • 50 Spot Assists
  • 5 Knife Takedowns
Reference to the song "Creeping Death" by Metallica
MK3A1 Assignment Scarred Veteran Complete Familiar Territory The assignment icon says that the MK3A1 fires the 5.56mm NATO round when it actually the 12 gauge shotgun round.

Close Quarters

Tier 1

Image Name Unlocked Criteria Reward Other Information
Shepard Shepard Default CQ
  • 10 Squad Revives
  • 30 Assault Rifle Kills
Done Fixing Done Fixing Default CQ
  • The assignment illustration contains a typo, stating that the ACW-R carries 100 rounds in its magazine, despite only holding 26+1 rounds.
  • Name likely related to the Fixing It assignment.
No Shortage No Shortage Default CQ
  • 20 Squads Resupplys
  • 20 Kills with LMGs
Team Player Team Player Default CQ
  • 10 T-UGS Assists
  • Capture 20 Flags
These Hurt Too These Hurt Too Default CQ

Tier 2

Image Name Unlocked Criteria Reward Other Information
Set Us Up The Bomb Set Us Up The Bomb Complete Shepard
  • 20 Underslung Grendade Launcher Kills
  • 15 Hand Grenade Kills
  • Reference to the European Sega Mega Drive version of the video game Zero Wing. "Somebody Set Up Us The Bomb" is another poorly translated line from the game's intro. *Kills with the M26 MASS and 40mm Dart count towards the necessary grenade launcher kills
My Own Terminator My Own Terminator Complete Done Fixing
Point Blank Point Blank Complete No Shortage
  • 10 C4 Kills
  • 10 Knife Takedowns
Bullet Point Bullet Point Complete Team Player
  • 50 Sniper Rifle Kills
  • Win 3 Rounds of Conquest Domination
Hold The Trigger Hold the Trigger Complete These Hurt Too

Armored Kill


End Game


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