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Assignments are a feature in Battlefield 3 that reward players with additional content upon completion and were first introduced in the Back to Karkand expansion. The release of downloadable content has resulted in a total of 40 assignments (10 Back to Karkand, Close Quarters and Aftermath, 5 Armored Kill and End Game.)

Back to Karkand

Tier 1

Criteria Reward
  • Professional Russian
Default B2K
Default B2K
Default B2K
Default B2K

Tier 2

Criteria Reward Other Information
Reference to the YouTube star FPS Russia, and his claim to being qualified to handle big guns and explosives, as he is a "Professional Russian". He also made a video using a L85A2.
  • 50 Headshots
  • 50 Spot Assists
  • 5 Knife Takedowns
Reference to the song "Creeping Death" by Metallica
The assignment icon says that the MK3A1 fires the 5.56mm NATO round when it actually the 12 gauge shotgun round.

Close Quarters

Close Quarters introduced ten new assignments and were revealed through the June Maintenance of Battlelog.

Tier 1

Criteria Reward Other Information
  • 10 Squad Revives
  • 30 Assault Rifle Kills
  • The assignment illustration contains a typo, stating that the ACW-R carries 100 rounds in its magazine, despite only holding 26+1 rounds.
  • Name likely related to the Fixing It assignment.
  • 20 Squads Resupplys
  • 20 Kills with LMGs
  • 10 T-UGS Assists
  • Capture 20 Flags

Tier 2

Criteria Reward Other Information
  • 20 Underslung Grendade Launcher Kills
  • 15 Hand Grenade Kills
  • Reference to the European Sega Mega Drive version of the video game Zero Wing. "Somebody Set Up Us The Bomb" is another poorly translated line from the game's intro. *Kills with the M26 MASS and 40mm Dart count towards the necessary grenade launcher kills
  • 10 C4 Kills
  • 10 Knife Takedowns
  • 50 Sniper Rifle Kills
  • Win 3 Rounds of Conquest Domination

Armored Kill

Armored Kill introduced five new assignments which were revealed on September 3, 2012. Since the pack contains no new weapons, the assignments unlock vehicle specializations and, unlike most assignments in other expansions, can only be completed on the respective maps.

Criteria Reward Other Information
  • Repair 20 Friendly Vehicles
  • 10 Mobile Artillery Kills


Aftermath introduced ten new assignments that were revealed on November 20, 2012 through maintenance on Battlelog. These pertain to the expansion's new weapon, the XBOW, and dog-tags.

Tier 1

Criteria Reward Other Information
  • 5 Xbow Kills
  • Old School Dogtag
  • William Tell
  • XBOW
  • This Is My Boomstick
  • All XBOW Related Assignments
  • Play on the phrase "sticks and stones will break your bones, but words will never hurt you," and the fact that early crossbow bolts used "sticks and stones" in construction.
  • Likely reference to Albert Einstein - "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."
  • 50 Carbine Kills
  • 50 Assault Rifle Kills
Squeezing The Trigger
  • Reference to infamous line in the film, Army of Darkness.
  • Dogtag image a possible reference to The Terminator (1984) when T800 assaults the police station armed with a SPAS-12 and AR-18.
  • Before Patch 1.09, the image of the soldier in the "Squeezing The Trigger" dog tag occupied the whole dog tag. Afterwards, its size has been reduced so it looks the other left side dog tags.
  • Cumulative Total of 150 meters headshots with Sniper Rifles.
  • Cumulative Total of 150 meters headshots with Assault Rifles.
  • Cumulative Total of 150 meters headshots with Carbines.
  • 7x Scope for XBOW
  • Reference to the Close Quarters Expansion
Grease Monkey Dog Tag
  • The Monkey Wrench is an adjustable wrench used for much heavier tasks that a normal wrench is too weak for.

Tier 2

Criteria Reward Other Information
  • Cumalative Total of 150 Meters headshots with XBOW
  • 50 XBOW Kills
William Tell
  • Reference to William Tell, a Swiss folk hero and expert with the crossbow who was told to have shot an apple on his son's head.
  • 20 Spot Assists
  • Designate 10 Vehicles
  • 1 Designated Assist
  • 50 Sniper Rifle Kills
  • 10 Handgun Headshots
  • The assignment's name bears resemblance to the visual representation of the term camping. The symbol is a tent, symbolic of camping in real life.
  • 5 Hand Grenade Kills
  • 5 Underslung Grenade Kills
  • 5 C4 Kills
  • High Explosive Bolt for XBOW
  • Possible reference to the Meet the Demoman promotional video of the game Team Fortress 2 where a character is asked what makes him a good Demoman.
Quake Survivor
  • The Richter Scale is a scale that is used to assign a magnitude number to an earthquake depending on how powerful it was.
Criteria Reward Other Information
  • Destroy 5 Air Vehicles using the AA jeeps.
BF3 EG Fly Swatter Dog Tag.png
  • Return 5 flags in Capture the Flag
  • Capture 2 flags in Capture the Flag
  • Win 1 round of Capture the Flag.
  • Standard Bearer Dogtag
  • Kill an enemy soldier
  • Destroy a transport vehicle
  • Destroy an enemy IFV
BF3 EG Look Up Dog Tag.png
  • Destroy 20 vehicles
  • Get a road kill with the Dirt Bike
BF3 EG Road Warrior Dog Tag.png A reference to the Mad Max series of films.
  • 20 Pistol Headshots

BF3 EG M1911 S-TAC Dog Tag.png

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