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Golmud Railway 2.jpg|Camo patterns seen on tanks on [[Golmud Railway]].
Golmud Railway 2.jpg|Camo patterns seen on tanks on [[Golmud Railway]].
BF4 Hex Heli Camo.jpg|The [[WZ-10|Z-10W]] with hexagonal camouflage seen in the ''[[Only in Battlefield 4: "Crash In Guns Blazing" Trailer]]''.
BF4 Hex Heli Camo.jpg|The [[WZ-10|Z-10W]] with hexagonal camouflage seen in the ''[[Only in Battlefield 4: "Crash In Guns Blazing" Trailer]]''.
camos.png|The weapon/vehicle camouflages of Battlefield 4 in woodland color

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Appearance is a customization feature in the Battlefield Series that allows users to change the default look of a vehicle, weapon or soldiers camouflage.

Battlefield 3

Appearance debuted in Battlefield 3. It consists of different camouflages available to the player. It is somewhat similar to the SPECACT option of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and the customization of Battlefield Vietnam.

Soldier camouflages are unlocked through leveling up, completing assignments, or being a Premium member. These can be equipped by highlighting your kit and pressing Appearance option on PC (next to Customize), Triangle on PlayStation 3, or Y on Xbox 360. The different camouflage types have an effect on both visibility, and some effect on the player's perception through the IRNV scope.

Camouflage patterns

Camouflage Intel Requirements Based on


BF3 Default Camo

This modern, digital pattern provides a good, general purpose camouflage for arid environments. Level 1

- USMC - MARPAT Desert



BF3 Woodland Camo

This 4-color, digital pattern provides a good, general purpose camouflage for temperate and tropical environments. Level 3

- USMC - MARPAT Woodland

- RGF - Partizan


BF3 Ranger Camo

A modern, universal-purpose digital camo inspired by the battle dress of the US Army special forces. Level 6

- USMC - Universal Camouflage Pattern (UCP)

- RGF - Izlom

Army Green

BF3 Army Green Camo

The classic, district green camo has been in use since at least World War II. Archaic but effective. Level 8  

 - Olive Drab (OD)

Expeditionary Force

BF3 Expeditionary Force Camo

Older 3-color variant of the desert Battle dress pattern. Still in wide use. Level 12

- USMC - Desert Camouflage Uniform (DCU, Tri-color Desert)

- RGF - Flora


BF3 Paratrooper Camo

Adopted woodland design with black brush strokes to give a darker shade. Developed for airborne special forces. Level 15

- USMC - MultiCam

- RGF - Rastr

Navy Blue

BF3 Navy Blue Camo

A classic, full color camo for use by amphibious forces. Not in wide use today. Level 18 N/A

Jungle Pattern

BF3 Jungle Camo

An older version of the 4-color woodland camo. Still in use for operations in jungle conditions. Level 20

- USMC - U.S. Woodland Camouflage Pattern (M81 Woodland)

- RGF - Flora variation

Desert Khaki

BF3 Desert Kaki Camo

The light brown Khaki color has been in use since the 19th century and is still popular in military uniform. Level 24 N/A

Urban Pattern

BF3 Urban Camo

A monochrome "puzzle" pattern for use in city environments. Developed during the cold war but rarely used by armed forces. Level 27

- USMC - U.S. 'Urban' Camouflage

- RGF - Gorod-1

Veteran Kit

BF3 Veteran Kit Camo

A rare 2-color "Leaf" pattern in woodland tones. Distinguishes the veterans in the field from those of lesser pedigree. Level 39

- USMC - Mitchell Pattern (Spring-Summer wine leaf)

- RGF - Beryozka

Spec Ops Black

BF3 Spec Ops Black Camo

The all black combat uniform used by many police forces during urban operations. Also commonly used by Russian Spetsnaz forces.

The only camo with a major effect on the IRNV scope. Vest appears black. Limbs uncovered by the camo still glow.

Level 42




Multi-purpose camouflage adapted from the classical woodland pattern, used by special forces.

Pre-order bonus & Purchasable content

- USMC - Numerous Patterns; M81 Woodland, Olive Drab, Desert Camouflage Uniform.

- RGF - Numerous Patterns; Flora variation, SURPAT, Gorod-1, Urban Kamysh

Dr. Pepper


A modern 3-color adaption of the digital woodland camo. Refreshing, fruity, and tangy. Dr. Pepper promotional offer. Dr. Pepper promotion & Purchasable content

- USMC - Universal Camouflage Pattern Delta (UCP-D)

- RGF - Digital Flora (Cifra)

Airman Camo / Premium Camo 1


Based from the Vietnam era Tiger camo, this US camo features a subdued grey three tone pixelated stripe. Exclusive Premium bonus - USMC - Airman Battle Uniform (ABU)

Berkut Camo / Premium Camo 1


A three color woodland camo that is frequently used by the Ukrainian Berkut forces. Exclusive Premium bonus

- RGF - Sever (Flectar-D)

Tactical Camo / Premium Camo 2


Using a technique to create organic pixels this tan camo is perfectly suited for rocky and desert theaters. Exclusive Premium bonus - USMC - Advanced Tactical Concealment System (Arid / Urban) (A-TACS AU)

Woodland Oak / Premium Camo 2


A woodland camo that was originally designed for use in central Russia by both Russian Spec Ops and their internal forces. Exclusive Premium bonus - RGF - SS Autumn

Desert Stripe Pattern / Premium Camo 3


A classic three color desert stripe used by US forces. Exclusive Premium bonus - USMC - Desert Tiger Stripe Pattern

Digital Woodland Camo / Premium Camo 3


A modern digital version of the flora camo based on one of the uniforms worn by the Russian Spetsnaz. Exclusive Premium bonus - RGF - Digital Flora (Cifra)

Navy Blue Digital Camo / Premium Camo 4


A modern four color camo designed for the Navy, the blue-green digital pattern helps to break up the wearers outline both on ship and in an urban environment. Exclusive Premium bonus for completing the Only for the Dedicated Assignment - USMC - Navy Working Uniform (NWU Type I)

Woodland Stripe Camo / Premium Camo 4


A three color woodland stripe used by the Russian Spetsnaz. Exclusive Premium bonus for completing the Only for the Dedicated Assignment - RGF - Kamysh (Tigr)

Battlefield 4

Camouflage returns in Battlefield 4 with a much wider variety of patterns available for battle dress, weapon and vehicle paints.

Weapon/Vehicle Palettes

Camouflages for weapons and vehicles are organized into eight groups of palettes:

Name of Group Description
Miscellaneous One-Off Patterns that do not fit into any other categories.
Adaptive Colors determined by the current map on server.
Autumn Warm, saturated orange and brown hues.
Desert Muted sandy yellows and various grays.                             
Naval Predominantly blue.
Snow White and light grays with little to no color.
Urban Grays between slate and black.
Woodland Combination of browns and greens.

These patterns are available with all palettes aside from Miscellaneous.

Pattern Name Requirements for Unlock


Atomic Battlepack Item Distorted circles with dots inside on a solid background
Dot Battlepack Item Multiple colors/sizes of dots on a splinter background
ERDL Battlepack Item Famous American woodland pattern, see EDRL further below
Flat Battlepack Item Single color
Flecktarn Battlepack Item Germany's Flecktarn pattern involves numerous dot clusters intermeshing with each other
Hexagon Battlepack Item Ultra-modern camouflage featuring hexagon-shaped cells similar in principle to pixel camouflage
Splinter Battlepack Item The Swedish splinter pattern is difficult to describe, see below
Spray Battlepack Item Spray paint-like... sprays over a solid background
Starburst Battlepack Item Similar to atomic but with random gashes of color mixed in
Tiger Battlepack Item World-famous Tigerstripe pattern
Reed Seen on Battlelog, but Unavailable Rastr pattern
Worm Seen on Battlelog, but Unavailable Similar in principle to ERDL
Digital Seen in Alpha/Beta.
Grass Seen in Alpha/Beta.
Palm  Seen in Alpha/Beta.
Turtle Seen in Alpha/Beta.

Miscellaneous Patterns are often awarded for completing Silver Assignments

Pattern Name Requirements for Unlock
Default Unlocked By Default
Crimson Woodland Complete Assault Veteran Assignment
Duckweed Complete Recon Veteran Assignment
Green Underbrush Complete Support Veteran Assignment
TTsKO Blue Complete Engineer Veteran Assignment
Blue Tiger Complete Shotgun Veteran Assignment
Flanker Complete Aircraft Veteran Assignment
Blue Sky Complete Watercraft Veteran Assignment
Black Shark Complete Land Vehicles Veteran Assignment
Ripple Complete Carbine Veteran Assignment
Ink Blotch Complete PDW Veteran Assignment
DICE DICE Developers Only
BEO GAM Premium Item Only
Relish Premium Item Only
KLMK Premium Item Only
DPM6 In Second Assault, complete the Air Mail assignment.
Crimson Tiger Seen in Alpha/Beta
Fire Fighter Seen in Alpha/Beta
Hunter Seen in Alpha/Beta
PLA Digital Seen in Alpha/Beta
Euro Flecktarn Seen in Alpha/Beta
Eastern Turtle Seen in Alpha/Beta
Poland Seen in Alpha/Beta
Atomic Two Tone Seen in Alpha/Beta
M/84 Seen in Alpha/Beta
M/84 Desert Seen in Alpha/Beta
Aegean Seen in Alpha/Beta
Tigrillo Seen in Alpha/Beta

Soldier Camouflage

Various camouflage patterns are available to each faction:


Russia deals exclusively in Jungle and Forest patterns, with plenty of dark green throughout. The closest thing they come to another environment is the premium-exclusive Yeger which has soem transitional coloring

Camouflage Intel Requirements

Default (VSR-98)

BF4 RU Default Camo

Adaptation of the famed ERDL pattern printed in colors suited to Russian environments and deployments. Unlocked By Default


BF4 Izlom Camo

Digitized version of the German flecktarn camouflage pattern. The word means fissure or fracture in Russian. Battlepack Item


BF4 Berezka Camo

Modern issue recolorization of the traditional Russian KLMK camouflage pattern is use by some MVD and FSB troops. Battlepack Item


BF4 Partizan Camo

Another Russian design heavily influenced by German camouflage patterns, this oakleaf variation is popular with Spetsgruppa Alfa. Battlepack Item


BF4 Yeger Camo

Influenced by a modern Finnish camouflage design, the "hunter" pattern was first witnessed in use during the recent Georgian conflict. Premium Item Only


BF4 RU Splinter Camo

Recolor of the modern Swedish Splinter camouflage pattern customized for elite units. Veteran Battlepack Item



Exclusively for the developers of Battlefield 4™ DICE Developers Only

VDV Flectarn

Seen in Alpha/Beta

Spetsnaz Jungle

Seen in Alpha/Beta


Seen in Alpha/Beta


Seen in Alpha/Beta


The USA Primarily focuses on transitional and desert patterns with the ERDL Woodland pattern and Splinter being the only green-focused patterns

Camouflage Intel Requirements

Default (OCP)

BF4 US Default Camo

Standard issue camouflage produced by the US Department of Defense (DOD) for issue in Afghanistan to USMC and other ISAF forces. Unlocked By Default


BF4 MARPAT Desert Camo

Marine Pattern digital camouflage designed by computers to blend in more effectively than organic designs. This is the desert variation. Battlepack Item

Chocolate Chip

BF4 Chocolate Chip Camo

Affectionately nicknamed after the famous cookie from the US, this camouflage saw heavy service in the Persian Gulf. Battlepack Item


BF4 UCP Camo

The Army's version of digital camouflage, following the lead of the USMC. Essentially MARPAT in a different set of colors that performs of in any environment. Battlepack Item



Named for the US Army Engineer Research and Development Laboratory, this woodland camo is probably the most widely used pattern in the world. Premium Item Only


BF4 US Splinter Camo

Recolor of the modern Swedish Splinter camouflage pattern customized for elite units. Veteran Battlepack Item



Exclusively for the developers of Battlefield 4™ DICE Developers Only

Tricolor Desert

BF4 Tricolor Desert Camo

Battlepack Item, but cannot be equipped


China's patterns have a heavy urban and maritime influence, and apart from the desert pattern feature lots of greys and blues.

Camouflage Intel Requirements

Default (Type 07 GI)

BF4 CN Default Camo

Standard issue Chinese urban uniform in dark blue and grey; ideal for blending in with concrete and steel. Unlocked By Default

Urban Airborne

BF4 Urban Airborne Camo

Large pattern urban ERDL pattern camouflage in use by Chinese airborne troops. Battlepack Item

Oceanic Green

BF4 Oceanic Green Camo

A blend of oceanic green and blue colors on light background in use by the Chinese marines. Battlepack Item

PLA Desert

BF4 PLA Desert Camo

Chinese Type 07 digital pixel pattern developed for desert and arid environments. Battlepack Item

Dense Urban

BF4 Dense Urban Camo

A denser bland ERDL pattern for use in urban environments. The more prominent whites in this pattern also function is snowy environments. Battlepack Item

Urban Tiger

BF4 Urban Tiger Camo

Chinese modernized take on the tiger stripe camouflage pattern for urban and naval environments. Premium Item Only

Oceanic Blue

BF4 Oceanic Blue Camo

An update to the Oceanic Green, the blue colors prominent in this ERDL pattern blends in better in sea environments. Premium Item Only


BF4 CN Splinter Camo

Recolor of the modern Swedish Splinter camouflage pattern customized for elite units. Veteran Battlepack Item



Exclusively for the developers of Battlefield 4™ DICE Developers Only


Seen in Alpha/Beta


Players can create emblems in Battlelog by using a series of predetermined icons and symbols, applying various colors and opacities, and arranging them in layers. This resembles the system available for BF3 Platoons in Battlelog.

By default, players can choose 20 symbols from an initial pool of 80. An additional 70 symbols can be unlocked from Battlepacks. Premium players can use 20 exclusive symbols, and gain 20 more layers.


  • Before the 1.04 patch, camouflages were only shown on the USMC class models. The only way to see what they looked like on the RGF classes was to browse them while in a multiplayer match on the RU team.
  • All Battlefield Premium camouflages do not share a similar pattern when changing teams, for example the Premium Camo 4 is a Navy Blue Digital Camo to camouflage against water and metal for the US side, whereas the RU side has a Woodland Stripe Camo which camouflages the player against woodland.
    • The premium camouflages for the US side are predominantly camouflaged against both desert and urban, while the premium camouflages for the RU side are predominantly camouflaged against woodland.
    • This must be kept in mind when choosing a camo for your primary weapon as while one may fit with the outfit on one team, it may not fit for the other.
  • The Russian Ground Forces have two versions of the same camouflage; Dr. Pepper and Premium Camo 3. Only the color tone is different.

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