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The Battlefield 3 FreddieW Commercial is a TV commercial for Battlefield 3 made by the YouTube channel FreddieW in co-operation with Electronic Arts featuring cast and crew from CorridorDigital.

The trailer begins with a Humvee driving away from the camera as the soldiers behind cover request transport. They spot a Skid Loader nearby and rig it with C4. They enter the vehicle and drive it towards the enemy force. Before the vehicles rolls under the building, the soldiers exit it and detonate the C4 - engulfing the building in flames. The soldiers are seen cheering as the Battlefield logo appears and the trailer ends.


"EA teamed up with FreddieW to bring you an epic Battlefield 3 TV commercial."





  • Four of the soldiers are seen riding the Skid Loader, but in the game that vehicle only has a capacity of three soldiers.
  • Despite being shown in this trailer, the AH-64 is never present in Battlefield 3.
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