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The Battlefield 4: "Best Moments" Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer is the first gameplay trailer released for Battlefield 4 that shows off the game's multiplayer component.


Compiled from the best takes of the live E3 multiplayer demo. Experience Levolution and All-Out War in the "Siege of Shanghai." Available October 29th 2013. Available for pre-order now.


The trailer shows off a battle between American and Chinese armed forces in a map called Siege of Shanghai. The trailer starts off with a US soldier, controlled by DICE member Aleks Green, and his squadmates being dropped into a street via helicopter. The squad then meets up with its squad leader, who leads them to take Flag B inside a metro station. After taking B, the squad walks through the metro. As Aleks attempts to walk up the stairs and into the street, a Chinese tank shows up and forces them back. Aleks then uses his undermounted grenade launcher to blow up a support pillar supporting the floor beneath the Chinese tank, giving a Recon soldier a chance to destroy it with C4.

Afterwards, the squad exits the metro station and walks across the street, and then split up. As three members head for the skyscraper - Flag C's location - on foot, Aleks and another squadmate board an RCB. Steering the boat, Aleks destroys several enemy vehicles. Suddenly, the pair runs into a WZ-10 attack helicopter, which forces them to eject from the boat and mount jetskis in order to escape. Once the players reaches the shore in front of the building, they dismount and regroup with the other squadmates. They head into the skyscraper, going through the lobby and into an elevator, which takes them to the top floor. Once on the top floor, Aleks' squad walks only a few feet before the WZ-10 rises up in front of a window and fires upon them. but another squad member fires an RPG to destroy it. Right after, the building rumbles, and dust falls from the ceiling. Edging to the window, Aleks looks down onto the street to see that a pair of Chinese MBTs are causing damage to the foundation of the skyscraper, prompting the player to call on the Commander to take them out with a Tomahawk Missile.

After the missile destroys the MBTs, the squad moves upstairs and towards Flag C, only to be attacked by a squad of enemy soldiers. Aleks' squad manages to neutralize them, but just as they neutralize Flag C, they are forced to jump off the building and parachute down as the skyscraper collapse. Once they hit the ground, they helplessly watch as the skyscraper collapses into the water. Afterwards, a montage of scenes are shown, some of which show off the Commander's view, a battle raging across Flag C, which is now on top of the collapsed skyscraper's remains, and a Chinese soldier counterattacking an American soldier with a Knife.

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