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"Are you ready to draw First Blood in the jungle?"

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Battlefield 4: Community Operations is a free expansion and content update for Battlefield 4 released October 27, 2015 along with the Fall 2015 update. The expansion includes a new map, Operation Outbreak, previously known as the Community Map Project, which was created in heavy collaboration with the Battlefield community.[1]


Fall Patch[]

Like Night Operations, Community Operations was released alongside the Fall Patch, which introduced significant changes for vehicle gameplay, with all vehicle classes and weapons being rebalanced, as well as some changes to specific weapons and inclusions of squad and minimap features from Battlefield Hardline. Full patchnotes can be seen here. Notable changes are:

Vehicle Balance[]

  • General rebalancing
    • Ground vehicle mobility and Countermeasures improved to make ground vehicles overall more powerful. Front damage bonus removed on light jeeps.
    • Air vehicles given Below Radar, countermeasures improved and AA missile balance has been overhauled.
    • Mobile Anti-Air effective range reduced and weapon rebalance.
    • All vehicle weapons rebalanced to provide more meaningful options for players, each weapon has a specific niche now.

Infantry and weapons[]

  • 12 Gauge Buckshot and 12 Gauge Flechette damage reduced.
  • Mare's Leg damage drop-off increased to 60 meters.
  • C4 damage reduced to 400 from 500, resupply time increased.
  • AT-Launcher rebalancing:
  • Resupply times for Grenades and gadget ammo have been shortened.
  • Marksman bonus is now a flat 25 points, shot distance is now shown in parenthesis next to score.


  • Objective scores increased to promote objective play.
  • Squad Leader replacement mechanic from Hardline implemented.
  • Hardline minimap capture areas and elevation icons implemented.
  • Ping bar on consoles revised to properly represent expected values.






  • The mention of "First Blood" in the expansion's description is a reference to the 1982 action film First Blood and its subsequent film series, where John Rambo famously uses a M60 machine gun, which is a special weapon in the expansion.
  • Like Night Operations, Community Operations' cinematic trailer was created by Battlefield community member Hoodoo_Operator, as opposed to being directly made by DICE LA.

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