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"Enter the combat in darkness."

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Battlefield 4: Night Operations, also called Night Ops, is a free expansion and content update for Battlefield 4 that was released on September 1, 2015[1]. The expansion includes a new nighttime map: Zavod: Graveyard Shift, a night version of Zavod 311 which has an emphasis on stealth and tactical gameplay.

The expansion was released with the Summer 2015 Patch, which included tweaks to Battlefield 4's spotting mechanics, sound system, weapon balancing tweaks, a public server team balancer and more improvements.[2]


Summer Patch[]

Night Operations was released alongside the Summer 2015 patch, which introduced significant changes to Battlefield 4. Full patch notes can be seen here.

Notable changes:

BF4 Audio Obstruction System

Audio Obstruction system test

  • Spotting requires greater accuracy, groups can no longer be spotted with one spot action
  • Audio Obstruction improvements to increase viability of flanking and stealth.
  • Team balancer implemented on larger team based gamemodes (Conquest, Obliteration, Rush)
  • Players cannot spawn on squadmates who are being actively Suppressed.
  • Mobile Anti-Air vehicle overheat ratios have been balanced between 20mm Cannon and 30mm Cannon.
  • Lock on missiles will no longer perform splash damage, making IR Smoke and Smokescreen countermeasures more effective.
  • TV Missile blast radius increased to 3m, can kill infantry not using FLAK with blast damage.
  • Flashbangs will only be active for 1.5s, blinds friendlies for only 0.6s, has an effective angle of 145 degrees, and has an increased suppression effect.
  • M15 AT Mines now have a blinking red light.
  • PC: Battlelog Plug-In support no longer required for Google Chrome.
  • Bullet damage is now sent based on framerate and not simulation rate.
  • "Damage Tunneling" implemented, players will not be able to cause damage following their death.
  • Bullets are processed after client physics updates, removes a 33ms delay.
  • Variable tickrates are now supported clientside and serverside.





  • The Cinematic trailer for Night Operations was created by Battlefield community member Hoodoo_Operator, instead of being directly created by DICE LA.

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